Creo by Folistim Technology

June 27, 2022
New product

Creo by Folistim Technology

Breaking news for sustainable #growers!

This month we are launching CREO, a brand new solution powered by Folistim Technology.

For the occasion, our experts attended a dedicated training to learn deeply all the breakthrough features of the product.

Creo is a fruit ripening promoter with outstanding nutritive and biostimulating properties. It’s easy to apply through foliar spray.

Thanks to a rich composition including macronutrient, amino acids, vitamins and other essential bioregulators, CREO helps plants to accumulate biomass, sugars and pigments in their fruits.

By supplying plants with key elements and natural precursors ready for biochemical processes, CREO is able to:

📈Improve fruit quality and yield

🍓Anticipate and uniform harvests

💪Support plant metabolism in stress conditions


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