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FertiGlobal at Potato Europe 2022
August 31, 2022

FertiGlobal at Potato Europe 2022

Big event coming up, not to be missed!

We are pleased to invite you to Potato Europe 2022 on September 7 and 8, save the date!

The fair will take place in Rittergut Brockerode, Germany and will be a unique opportunity to meet the most important players of the agribusiness sector.

The two full days will be entirely dedicated to potatoes: a great chance to keep up to date with all the latest innovation related to their cultivation, the supply chain and their enormous potential in feeding the world’s growing population.

Fertiglobal team will present a special crop management plan focused on the peculiarities of the tuber, spreading the most innovative and eco-friendly nutrition technologies that are helping farmers worldwide growing stronger and healthier plants.

Come and visit us at the stand ZB28 if you are passing by!

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June 27, 2022
New product

Creo by Folistim Technology

Breaking news for sustainable #growers!

This month we are launching CREO, a brand new solution powered by Folistim Technology.

For the occasion, our experts attended a dedicated training to learn deeply all the breakthrough features of the product.

Creo is a fruit ripening promoter with outstanding nutritive and biostimulating properties. It’s easy to apply through foliar spray.

Thanks to a rich composition including macronutrient, amino acids, vitamins and other essential bioregulators, CREO helps plants to accumulate biomass, sugars and pigments in their fruits.

By supplying plants with key elements and natural precursors ready for biochemical processes, CREO is able to:

📈Improve fruit quality and yield

🍓Anticipate and uniform harvests

💪Support plant metabolism in stress conditions


June 24, 2022
News from Europe

Green deal and Farm2Fork strategy

“By 2030, half of chemical pesticides should be replaced: with alternatives, practices like crop rotation, and technologies like precision farming.”

The words of Frans Timmermans – Vice-President of the European Commission – highlight the urgent need to protect soils, air and all living creatures, while promoting #biodiversity.

A consideration that follows the latest updates related to #GreenDeal: the EU Commission proposed the first-ever legislation that explicitly targets the #restoration of Europe’s nature, putting the spotlight on the crucial role of sustainable alternatives in agriculture.

As part of #Farm2Fork strategy, Nature Restoration Law is aimed at repairing the 80% of European habitats that are in poor condition, and to bring back nature to all ecosystems.

Through research, development and training we can build a more sustainable and healthy food production system, where living and producing together with Nature is possible.



May 5, 2022
News from China

FertiGlobal to conquer the huge Chinese market

China is a huge territory, very diversified and complex in many ways from an agricultural perspective. Being characterized by a wide variety of climates and landscapes, it has no equal in the rest of the planet, which has resulted in one of the world’s widest arrays of ecological niches.

Not only the largest producer of rice in the world and a major source of wheat, corn, tobacco, soybeans, peanuts and cotton, China is also the source of an incredible range of seed plants, reaching 30,000 different species.

To face challenges and seize opportunities, FertiGlobal is present in China with a highly qualified and dynamic team, always there to raise awareness on sustainable agricultural practices and guarantee maximum support to clients and partners.


June 23, 2021
Biotechnologies at university

Meeting with the new generation of sustainable agriculture professionals

➡️ FertiGlobal meets the next generations of sustainable agriculture professionals!
We recently had the pleasure to take part in a very interesting multi-voice webinar in collaboration with the Faculty of Biotechnologies of the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to introduce students to the many challenging career options they can choose in the agriculture industry.
As you know, at FertiGlobal’s R&D hub in Larderello a young team of scientists, including biotechnologists and agronomists, are developing cutting edge crop nutrition technologies, actively contributing to a radical change of the global agriculture sector.
We are happy to give young students who are willing to specialize in Agricultural Research a concrete proof of the huge contribution they can give to the sector and to our Planet as a whole. 🌍🙏
Click here in the first comment to learn more on the Faculty!
June 11, 2021
Crop Nutrition Technologies

6 good reasons to choose FertiGlobal

➡️ Making global agriculture more sustainable requires a concrete commitment from all agribusiness players to embrace this big change.
This is why today reducing pesticides and promoting new eco-friendly alternatives for crop nutrition needs to be a top priority.

🤝 Partnering with a highly qualified and reliable company is essential for fertilizer resellers and distributors to make this evolution towards new sustainable solutions a real success.

📖 In this brief guide we tell you why FertiGlobal is the right partner to choose for a successful, modern and sustainable Agribusiness: FertiGlobal – 6 good reasons

February 19, 2021
A more sustainable agriculture at global level

Farm to Fork strategy in EU

🔵🇪🇺 The Farm 2 Fork strategy announced by the European Union during 2020 is currently one of the most discussed topics among Agribusiness professionals.
In the last few weeks some people have expressed their concerns about the real applicability of this strategy. The environmental impact saved in Europe thanks to the new legislation – they say – will be “exported” abroad, at the expense of other countries.
At FertiGlobal, we don’t think so.
The goals set by the Farm2Fork strategy may seem hard to reach, but we must support this big first step taken by our institutions.
We need to work hard for a more sustainable agriculture at GLOBAL level, and we believe this is feasible.
By reducing pesticides and water consumption in all agricultural areas of the world, we can have healthier plants and soils.
Let’s embrace the change and move towards more sustainable agricultural practices. It is really now or never!
February 12, 2021
Research and innovation for sustainable agriculture – opportunities and threats – the webinar by FertiGlobal

Claus Brakemeier’s speech

🟢 “Research and innovation for sustainable agriculture – opportunities and threats”
This is the title of a digital event recently organized by FertiGlobal to present our ENVision Project, part of the European Union’s LIFE Programme.
During the meeting our Business Development Manager Claus Brakemeier had the chance to introduce our innovative approach to modern agriculture and our most innovative technologies, as a result of cutting-edge R&D.
Here’s his speech: have a look at the video! 📹
➡️ You can also watch the whole event in English: click on the link in the first comment.

Hope you enjoy it!
February 2, 2021
FertiGlobal’s Technology

Foliease Technology to support foliar treatments improving their effectiveness

Plant protection, as long as it’s green!
This is the most effective description of FertiGlobal’s technology FOLIEASE: a super advanced crop nutrition solution aimed at supporting foliar treatments and improving their effectiveness.

Here is the powerful effect of FOLIEASE in a nutshell:
🛡️it supports plant protection
🍃promotes absorption by the leaves
♻️prevents product losses, thus protecting the farmer´s investment
👌makes foliar applications easier
🟢🌍and, last but not least, helps to reduce the environmental impact of any foliar application.
Good for our plants, good for our Planet.
January 19, 2021
2021 for FAO

The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

🥕🍓 🍆 2021 has been declared the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).
The UN action aims at raising awareness on the so-called ‘nutraceutical value’ of fruit and vegetables. That is, the nutritional and health benefits of these foods.
As you know, at FertiGlobal we are constantly committed to the research of advanced solutions for an innovative and sustainable food system at global level.
In fact, assessing the ability of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi to increase the nutraceutical value of crops is one of the main objectives of our #ENVisionProject.
According to the results of our first tests conducted on grape, EnNuVi has increased the antioxidant power of fruits by more than 55%. This is definitely a very good start, isn’t it?
Stay tuned to learn more, don’t miss our step-by-step updates!
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