Bringing cutting-edge technology to plant nutrition

FertiGlobal’s cutting-edge crop nutrition technologies, bio-activating solutions and special foliar fertilizers provide highly efficient applications for the entire lifecycle of the most diverse crops across the globe.

Corporate&History – Italian roots, worldwide horizons

Founded in Italy in 2003, FertiGlobal is the agricultural business unit of Larderello Group, one of the most ancient players in the international chemical industry with 200 years of history and knowledge.

FertiGlobal is highly committed to the development of innovative technologies able to face the challenges of modern agriculture at global level. Advanced bio-activating and crop nutrition solutions are the result of in-depth studies carried out by an international team of scientists in proprietary cutting-edge research laboratories located in the Tuscany region, close to dedicated production plants.

Mission – Advanced technologies for modern agriculture

Working at the forefront in the global agricultural scene, FertiGlobal’s core focus is ensuring healthy plant growth and yield increase at the highest standards.

With over 200 years experience, our mission is to address the needs and challenges of a modern and sustainable agriculture through innovative bio-activating Technologies to boost the plant defence systems.

FertiGlobal´s breakthrough Technologies allow farmers to progressively reduce the use of chemicals, like fungicides and bactericides, which today are no longer producing the expected results, even making crops less tolerant to adversities and climate changes.

Vision – Sowing for the future of sustainable global agriculture

In a world affected by the dramatic climate change and continuous population growth, FertiGlobal’s vision is to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and decrease water consumption.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge bio-activating and crop nutrition solutions, FertiGlobal aims at increasing plant resilience while improving crop yield and productivity.

Innovation and modernity, knowledge and experience are the main values impressed in our DNA.

Strategy – A whole new crop management approach

What makes FertiGlobal different within the global agricultural industry is its whole new approach to this market. While many players are focused on developing solutions for specific problems, FertiGlobal has chosen a “crop management” approach which takes into consideration the entire lifecycle of plants and plantations.

Thanks to a global team of highly qualified specialists located in key geographies, FertiGlobal is daily committed to support local farmers all over the world for sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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