FertiGlobal® for a sustainable agriculture through innovative nutritional and biostimulant technologies protecting farmer’s investments.

What FertiGlobal means by technology

Over the last decade, FertiGlobal has been searching and developing new sustainable solutions to address the challenges of modern agriculture.

Assessing the essential role of both nutrients and biostimulating compounds in plant biochemistry and physiology, with key focus on plant defence mechanisms, FertiGlobal has developed the most advanced crop management programs to protect yield quality and productivity.

Technology for FertiGlobal is a set of innovative methods of combining plant nutrients and bioactivators to defend farmers’ investments promoting, at the same time, a sustainable and efficient agriculture.

FertiGlobal’s notion of protection is hence related to the support given to the plants by state-of-the-art nutritional and bio-activating systems improving physiological functions and strengthening inherent plant activity against any stress.

FertiGlobal’s key word is protection, a concept gathering several playgrounds including soil, seed, plant, yield and farmer. Protecting the soil before sowing or transplanting and after harvesting, the plant in every growth stage against abiotic and biotic stresses, the adequate plant stand ensuring the yield.

All of the above to protect farmer’s investment in the soil, in soil fertilisers and in seeds and in the crop.

Through FertiGlobal’s technologies, every plant nutrient and bio-activating compound is upgraded to its best to boost the natural defense processes of the plant, being the best protection a well-nurtured plant.

If you wish to get recommendations about which crop management program, technology, or product(s) suit your crop and area best, fill in the form to be contacted by a FertiGlobal® Area Manager.

FertiGlobal EnNuVi Technology

The new and unique patented TECHNOLOGY developed by Larderello Group, that offers high analysis formulations with plant nutrients complexed by bioactive polyphenols.

In FertiGlobal EnNuVi Technology based products polyphenols complex the elements to boost their performance so to better protect plants from any kind of stress.

The patented FertiGlobal EnNuVi Technology creates innovative solutions through:

Enhancing: nutrients are boosted to perform at their best

Nurturing: essential nutrients in one complex formulation (a nutrient-polyphenolic-compound) to maximize the yield

Vitalizing: plants grow stronger and healthier thanks to the activation of their natural bio-defences

FertiGlobal EnNuVi Technology promotes:

  • Higher protection through a physical barrier
  • Nutrition improvement due to the high availability of the elements
  • Bio activation of plant defences through the combination of polyphenols and plant nutrients
  • Repellent and deterrent effects
  • The reduction of use of water and pesticides

FertiGlobal EnNuVi Technology for a protective sustainable agriculture.


EnNuVi Technology was awarded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union as an innovative biostimulant solution to change the impact of agriculture on environment, supporting the demand for food and higher field productivity.

FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology

TECHNOLOGY that creates water-based high analysis suspensions formulated with either single or multiple plants nutrients.

Developed in an Italian Research Centre FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology introduces an innovative way to protect plants using bioactivation and nutrition.

FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology promotes efficient nutrient absorption thanks to the optimal particle size of the right balanced product analysis.

Through FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology, particle sizes are less than 20 µm, optimal for uptake by plant tissues. And more than 60% is even less than 10 µm!

FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology provides cost efficient solutions through fast and lasting nutrient supply.

The formulation of FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology is homogeneous and stable in cold and hot conditions.

FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology high analysis suspensions save transport and warehousing costs.

FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology provides the plants with:

  • The right amount of nutrients with no losses for a perfect nutritive action
  • Very low phytotoxicity risk
  • No stress for the low salinity index

FertiGlobal FOLIFLO Technology for the protective efficiency in foliar nutrition.

FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology

TECHNOLOGY applied on high qualitative micro-granular chelates, single or multi-element.

FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology operates on qualitative chelates in order to boost their efficiency.

FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology protects the microelements in the soils from oxidation and precipitation, especially when the soil is alkaline.

The absorption of the elements by the root and their penetration in the leaf tissue is easier and faster using the high qualitative chelates powered by FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology. It assures the complete assimilation of the nutrients by the plants being much more sustainable and efficient.

FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology gives a systemic effect to the chelate in order to promote an easy translocation of the elements in the whole plant.

Chelates with FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology are flexible and friendly to use:

  • mixable with other products
  • applicable in any fertilisation system
  • immediately soluble without residue
  • stable in solution

FertiGlobal FOLIKEL Technology for a stronger vegetative development and a faster deficiency correction.

FertiGlobal FOLISTIM Technology

TECHNOLOGY applied on specific nutrients combined with natural compounds.

FertiGlobal FOLISTIM Technology fine-tunes natural active ingredients for optimal efficacy in application of nutritional elements.

FertiGlobal FOLISTIM Technology nutrients combined with biostimulating substances, such as Humic Acids and LSA,  promote the vegetative restart after winter or plant stress.

FertiGlobal FOLISTIM Technology prevents deficiency symptoms and improves resistance to abiotic stress, enhancing fruit quality and conservation.

FertiGlobal FOLISTIM Technology based products ensure:

  • high affinity with plant tissue
  • immediate nutritional effect
  • enhanced nutrient mobility
  • strong fine-tuning effects
  • better tolerance against salt stress

FertiGlobal FOLISTIM Technology for the ideal natural plant protection in every growth stage.

FertiGlobal FOLIAREL Technology

Patented Boron TECHNOLOGY at its best.

FertiGlobal FOLIAREL Technology uses Boron to create products able to boost the characteristics of plant nutrients combined into a single molecule.

FertiGlobal FOLIAREL Technology increases flower fertility through better pollen viability, ensuring high level of fruit setting, and thus productivity.

FertiGlobal FOLIAREL Technology promotes:

  • synthesis of proteins and lipids
  • cells division
  • sugar translocation
  • stem strenghtening
  • fruit setting

FertiGlobal FOLIAREL Technology for higher resistance against stress.

FertiGlobal FOLIMAC Tecnology

Slow release TECHNOLOGY that improves plant nutrition and natural protection

FertiGlobal FOLIMAC Technology combines plant nutrients with efficient available nitrogen to provide plants with a constant supply of nutrients during the most demanding stages of growth to strengthen their natural defenses.

The high quality of the elements that use the FertiGlobal FOLIMAC Technology promotes plant nutrition for stronger growth and higher yields.

FertiGlobal FOLIMAC Technology makes nutrients readily available for better absorption by plants, both through roots and leaves.

FertiGlobal FOLIMAC Technology supports plant development through:

  • long-term availability of nutrients
  • prevent the shortage of plant elements
  • less stress during critical growth stages
  • low chloride content
  • low risk of phytotoxicity

FertiGlobal FOLIMAC Technology for the protective nutrition of plants.

FertiGlobal FOLIEASE Technology

FertiGlobal FOLIEASE Technology protects foliar applications ensuring and improving their effectiveness.

FertiGlobal FOLIEASE Technology supports plant protection, protects active ingredients, promotes absorption by leaves, prevents loss of active ingredients and / or product, thus protecting the farmer’s investment, facilitates foliar applications and ultimately helps reduce the environmental impact of any foliar application.

Products based on FertiGlobal FOLIEASE Technology

  • Reduce and buffer the pH of tank mixes
  • Avoid drift losses
  • Act as adhesive and wetting spreaders
  • Ensure systemic absorption and action
  • Act as defoamer in tank mixes
  • Reduce the risks of phytotoxicity.

FertiGlobal FOLIEASE Technology for greater efficiency, protecting the investment in foliar products, the crop and the environment.

FertiGlobal ACES Technology

FertiGlobal ACES Technology based products shield off plants so that the crop is put in a better position to fight off adversities of different natures.

Thus, FertiGlobal ACES Technology offers activing solutions to reinforce natural plant defenses and protection

FertiGlobal ACES Technology comprises

Advanced: Innovative compounds nurturing plants and improving their natural defense systems;

Crop: From nature to nature. Natural extracts and components supporting healthier plant development and growth;

Eco: Sustainability and eco friendliness through ACES;

Shield: Shield-off technology – creating a protective environment around plants

FertiGlobal ACES Technology: For better natural plant protection and plant nutrition, environmentally friendly

If you wish to get recommendations about which crop management program, technology, or product(s) suit your crop and area best, fill in the form to be contacted by a FertiGlobal® Area Manager.


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