Green innovation is the core of our daily work

Our aim is the creation of constant added values and opportunities connecting our company to the places where we operate and taking care of the environment where we live.

We respect the environment by only using energy produced by renewable sources such as water, the sun, wind and heat from the earth, certified by the system “guaranteeing the origin” of the energy services manager, according to EC Directive 2009/28/EC.

In our production’s area we use widespread and abundant elements of the nature assuring innovative sustainable solutions generated through green energy. The earth’s heat accompanies us in every activity drastically reducing the levels of CO2 emissions, while the rainwater harvesting contributes to reduce a waste of natural resources during the production’s processes.
Through that virtuous management of all industrial processes, we are becoming more and more independent from any other critical source, such as running out energies depending on foreign countries, that could limit our development. With renewable energy, we are helping decrease the prevalence of harmful pollutants and contributing to an overall healthier environment.

We have changed our way of mobility adopting electric solutions able further to reduce pollution.
This technology is constantly evolving, making electric mobility increasingly efficient and creating new uses for it. As electric vehicles do not have combustion engines, they avoid the emission of tonnes of greenhouse gases, which in turn helps in the fight against the effects of climate change.

An attention is made at social responsibility giving new opportunities to people and enhancing positive relationships. Projects in the territory where we operate are regularly taken in consideration and implemented. Relationships with some partners are active to exploit every potential in integrating the social environment into a common welfare. We are building a community among all stakeholders and the market’s trust in us. Our attention at the territory not only does good for the company itself, but also benefits the community and society at large

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels, decrease the impact of rising costs, enhance our company’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation are our drivers to contribute to the achievement of the global goals against the climate changes.

Environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability overlap to build a common action: our never-ending sustainable development.

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