Green deal and Farm2Fork strategy

June 24, 2022
News from Europe

Green deal and Farm2Fork strategy

“By 2030, half of chemical pesticides should be replaced: with alternatives, practices like crop rotation, and technologies like precision farming.”

The words of Frans Timmermans – Vice-President of the European Commission – highlight the urgent need to protect soils, air and all living creatures, while promoting #biodiversity.

A consideration that follows the latest updates related to #GreenDeal: the EU Commission proposed the first-ever legislation that explicitly targets the #restoration of Europe’s nature, putting the spotlight on the crucial role of sustainable alternatives in agriculture.

As part of #Farm2Fork strategy, Nature Restoration Law is aimed at repairing the 80% of European habitats that are in poor condition, and to bring back nature to all ecosystems.

Through research, development and training we can build a more sustainable and healthy food production system, where living and producing together with Nature is possible.



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