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June 24, 2022
News from Europe

Green deal and Farm2Fork strategy

“By 2030, half of chemical pesticides should be replaced: with alternatives, practices like crop rotation, and technologies like precision farming.”

The words of Frans Timmermans – Vice-President of the European Commission – highlight the urgent need to protect soils, air and all living creatures, while promoting #biodiversity.

A consideration that follows the latest updates related to #GreenDeal: the EU Commission proposed the first-ever legislation that explicitly targets the #restoration of Europe’s nature, putting the spotlight on the crucial role of sustainable alternatives in agriculture.

As part of #Farm2Fork strategy, Nature Restoration Law is aimed at repairing the 80% of European habitats that are in poor condition, and to bring back nature to all ecosystems.

Through research, development and training we can build a more sustainable and healthy food production system, where living and producing together with Nature is possible.



February 19, 2021
A more sustainable agriculture at global level

Farm to Fork strategy in EU

🔵🇪🇺 The Farm 2 Fork strategy announced by the European Union during 2020 is currently one of the most discussed topics among Agribusiness professionals.
In the last few weeks some people have expressed their concerns about the real applicability of this strategy. The environmental impact saved in Europe thanks to the new legislation – they say – will be “exported” abroad, at the expense of other countries.
At FertiGlobal, we don’t think so.
The goals set by the Farm2Fork strategy may seem hard to reach, but we must support this big first step taken by our institutions.
We need to work hard for a more sustainable agriculture at GLOBAL level, and we believe this is feasible.
By reducing pesticides and water consumption in all agricultural areas of the world, we can have healthier plants and soils.
Let’s embrace the change and move towards more sustainable agricultural practices. It is really now or never!
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