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June 27, 2022
New product

Creo by Folistim Technology

Breaking news for sustainable #growers!

This month we are launching CREO, a brand new solution powered by Folistim Technology.

For the occasion, our experts attended a dedicated training to learn deeply all the breakthrough features of the product.

Creo is a fruit ripening promoter with outstanding nutritive and biostimulating properties. It’s easy to apply through foliar spray.

Thanks to a rich composition including macronutrient, amino acids, vitamins and other essential bioregulators, CREO helps plants to accumulate biomass, sugars and pigments in their fruits.

By supplying plants with key elements and natural precursors ready for biochemical processes, CREO is able to:

📈Improve fruit quality and yield

🍓Anticipate and uniform harvests

💪Support plant metabolism in stress conditions


June 24, 2022
News from Europe

Green deal and Farm2Fork strategy

“By 2030, half of chemical pesticides should be replaced: with alternatives, practices like crop rotation, and technologies like precision farming.”

The words of Frans Timmermans – Vice-President of the European Commission – highlight the urgent need to protect soils, air and all living creatures, while promoting #biodiversity.

A consideration that follows the latest updates related to #GreenDeal: the EU Commission proposed the first-ever legislation that explicitly targets the #restoration of Europe’s nature, putting the spotlight on the crucial role of sustainable alternatives in agriculture.

As part of #Farm2Fork strategy, Nature Restoration Law is aimed at repairing the 80% of European habitats that are in poor condition, and to bring back nature to all ecosystems.

Through research, development and training we can build a more sustainable and healthy food production system, where living and producing together with Nature is possible.



June 22, 2022
New sustainable project

L’orto della Tradizione

A new exciting project is blooming 🌷

In collaboration with the jail La Fortezza in Volterra, we are opening “L’orto della Tradizione”, an area of around 2,000 m2 to grow vegetables and to test new solutions for sustainable agriculture, giving the participants the opportunity to take part in the research project.

In these weeks they are preparing the soil and transplanting cucumber plants for a test on Folistim Onda, one of our brand new solutions.

The initiative has a strong social vocation: working side by side on a common project, in connection with nature, promotes the development of interpersonal bonds and integration.

A special thanks to Blumen Group Spa, COMPO Italia, Hozelock, Orto Mio and Verdemax who supported the activity with their technologies and technical advice.

June 1, 2022
Crop Management Program

Good coffee never goes unnoticed

It may be because of its scent, its energy charge, or its unmistakable aroma: good coffee never goes unnoticed.

Due to the huge market demand for its seeds, farmers cannot always give coffee plants the right care. As a result of their inevitable weakening, those plants are often affected by bacterial blight and spots on leaves and berries.

These conditions make it hard to cope with abiotic stresses, such as lack of water or excess of solar radiation.

The good news is that farmers can count on new sustainable methods for supporting and protecting their crops.

Within the FertiGlobal’s portfolio, growers can find the right solutions and build together with our experts a savvy combination between bioactive technologies and crop management programs.

May 30, 2022
Technology info

Folimac on kiwi for excellent growth

Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen: three essential macro-nutrients that nurture cultivated plants during the most challenging stages of their growth.

Providing seedlings with those elements means supporting their development, strengthening their natural defenses.

Environmental conditions are not always favourable and plants may need extra help: FertiGlobal‘s solutions stand by farmers to support their effort through cutting-edge technologies with high levels of adaptability to different types of territories and crops.

The following pictures have been taken in kiwi and avocado fields of one of our Argentinean partners.

Plants have achieved extraordinary vegetative growth, thanks to the application of our fertilizers, including Aureo powered by Folimac, an extraordinary source of essential nutrients.

May 20, 2022
International event

Fascination of plants Day

From a single small seed planted in the soil many green lives are born 🌱

Flowers, shrubs, seedlings, creepers and giant trees… in all their forms and colors plants have the power to restore our ancestral connection with Nature.

This week we are celebrating the sixth edition of Fascination of plants Day: more than 400 events taking place in 56 Countries with the aim of spreading knowledge and consciousness about biodiversity.

A great occasion to explore the latest state-of-the-art research and breakthroughs in the plant science and learn their revolutionary applications.

At FertiGlobal everyday is a celebration of Nature 🌿


Visit the website to discover all the events near you and to find out more about the initiative👉 link

May 17, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Top production of blueberries in the sand

Blueberries in the sand 🫐

It is mind-blowing to see that even areas with limited water access like the desert can become fertile soil for agriculture. This is one of the most amazing examples of how technology can support the work of farmers, adapting to local specific needs 💪

These pictures show us a 300 hectares blueberry crop soon to reach almost double its size.

A very challenging environment to test FertiGlobal patented #EnNuVi Technology products together with some others in our portfolio.

Our crop management and nutrition program is helping farmers to obtain the maximum yield from plants. How? Nourishing and protecting bushes from within, even in a soil that is usually considered unsuitable for cultivation.


May 13, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan excellent biostimulant properties

By deeply understanding plants physiology and pathology, we are able to formulate technological solutions able to support their growth from within, acting on metabolism.

Magnesium, the key component of Alpan, powered by #EnNuvi, is an essential element throughout the development period of the plant, fulfilling several functions:

➡️ it is a precious component of chlorophyll

➡️ it acts as a transport medium for phosphorus, being essential in the metabolism of phosphates

➡️ plants need it for cell division and protein formation and activation of several enzyme systems

➡️it is an essential component for plant respiration

This patented high analysis suspension fertilizer by FertiGlobal has proven to have exceptional biostimulant properties while providing high protection, even in case of drought stresses.

May 5, 2022
News from China

FertiGlobal to conquer the huge Chinese market

China is a huge territory, very diversified and complex in many ways from an agricultural perspective. Being characterized by a wide variety of climates and landscapes, it has no equal in the rest of the planet, which has resulted in one of the world’s widest arrays of ecological niches.

Not only the largest producer of rice in the world and a major source of wheat, corn, tobacco, soybeans, peanuts and cotton, China is also the source of an incredible range of seed plants, reaching 30,000 different species.

To face challenges and seize opportunities, FertiGlobal is present in China with a highly qualified and dynamic team, always there to raise awareness on sustainable agricultural practices and guarantee maximum support to clients and partners.


May 3, 2022
News from Brazil

EnNuVi event by a Brazilian partner

They may look simple packaging, but for us they are much more than that.

Every bottle of our technology is a concentrate of research, knowledge and passion.
The same passion we put into every stage of our work, from research, to testing, to sales.

The confidence in our products drives us to spread awareness of these planet-friendly solutions.
These pictures show our booth during an event organized with one of our partners in the North East of Brazil, our local staff members are promoting Mantus, explaining farmers all the benefits it can bring to crops.

Like all the other formulations powered by #EnNuVi, Mantus is based on the complexation of plant-derived bioactive polyphenolic extracts with one or multiple essential nutrients.

A new generation of fertilizers developed to ensure healthy plant growth and tolerance, thus improving yield quality and quantity.

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