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November 7, 2022
Philippine market

Bigay Tibay

Wishing our Philippine team Good Luck with their Crop Management programme launch Bigay Tibay (meaning Give strength, give stability, strong foundation).

The team met for their first face to face meeting last month and are excited to be launching four new FertiGlobal products to the market including Turan, Semia, Nemes and OK.


November 4, 2022
News from India

Nashiks Grapes is interested in FertiGlobal solutions

Pleased to meet with Mr Ganesh – who represents Nashiks Grapes, a grape export group in India.

After meeting with our Global Business Development Manager, Claus Brakemeier on his recent visit, Mr. Ganesh was impressed by our product range and got in touch to find out more about our EnNuVi technologies.

October 31, 2022
Field trials

Ginger plants treated with FertiGlobal Crop Management Program

Good leaf growth, strong vigour, healthy leaves and good productivity.

All evidence of the effectiveness of our products on this ginger plant trial in India.

Plants were treated with a combination of Dinamico+Nixi – and the results speak for themselves.


October 26, 2022
Customer visit

FertiGlobal met Raj Agritech in India

Great to meet with our partners Raj Agritech recently – check out this Soy bean field trial where Folimac Dolce+Foliflo Nixi were tested.

Great farmer satisfaction!

Results showed:

✅Excellent tolerance to biotic stress posed by yellow mosaic virus

✅Good vegetative growth

✅More pods per plant

October 23, 2022
Customer visit

FertiGlobal met Bom Futuro

We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with staff of Bom Futuro in Brazil last month to talk about EnNuVi technology products and present Rumis and Dolce to them – which came to the Brazilian market in 2021.

Bom Futuro is one of the largest grower groups in Brazil – producing 1.7m t grains and pulses and 300,000t raw cotton every year  (just one part of their multi-faceted enterprise).

As an organisation environmental protection and production quality are at the heart of their work and we were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with a group whose sustainability goals are so closely aligned with our own.

October 20, 2022
Country visit

Getting to know our Indian farmers

In developing the FertiGlobal crop management approach for sustainable agriculture, we always strive to put the farmer first. Only by understanding their needs can we achieve our own objectives. What are farmers’ requirements for innovation? What solutions will help them to improve agricultural yields and quality while, reducing the environmental impact of crop production?

Key to this approach is our ‘boots on the ground’ philosophy. We’re in regular contact with the end-user. Face-to-face, out in the field, seeing first-hand the challenges they face. Every business needs a reality check. This is ours.

So it was that Claus Brakemeier, our Global Business Development Manager, paid a recent visa to India. For anyone involved in agriculture, it’s a fascinating country. It has the second-largest cropped area of any country after the United States and is among the top-three global producers for crops such as wheat, rice and cotton. But that ranking also hides its agricultural diversity: the country’s farmers turn out grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, tea and sugar cane, not to mention dairy products, in ever-increasing quantities.

For FertiGlobal, it’s an important market. India’s farmers are keen to adopt new, more modern agricultural practices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted the importance of chemical-free agriculture and its benefits for the environment. Many in India recognise that agriculture needs to be more climate-resilient and less water-intensive – India has the world’s largest area of irrigated cropland – and that there should be a greater focus on soil health.

“Our crop management strategy considers the entire crop lifecycle,” Claus explains. “This remains a rare approach in crop production. Many other ‘solution providers’ seek to focus only on individual issues or problems.

“By concentrating on crop health and nutrition, we take a more holistic approach,” he continues. “Our bioactive technologies, such as EnNuVi and FOLISTIM, support plant defence systems and allow farmers to reduce the use of chemicals such as fungicides.

“We need to encourage crop resilience, if we’re to help farmers adapt to the challenges of a changing climate and societal pressure to farm more responsibly. That’s particularly important in a country like India, where nearly 50% of the workforce is involved in agriculture.

“Yet the country’s overall productivity has yet to be realised. Encouraging the adoption of new practices is vital if we’re to shift farmers towards a more modern, more sustainable and more efficient farming system.”

SCL Commercial India provides in-country representation for FertiGlobal. Country Manager Tanveer Alam was appointed to the FertiGlobal team in 2018 and has been responsible for giving the company its Indian foothold.

“I’m delighted to have helped build our presence throughout India,” he says, noting that FertiGlobal now has a presence in more than half of India’s 28 states.

“FertiGlobal technologies are now benefiting farmers across the country and the business is growing in line with our expectations.”

Among the farmers Claus Brakemeier met during his August visit were grape growers in Pune, and apple growers in the Kashmir Valley.

“It was particularly valuable to have time to listen to the challenges of apple-growing, and to be able to take those concerns back to our R&D team in Italy,” he said.

“Together, we’ll find ways to link our research-based technologies to the support that farmers need not just in India, but in all the countries where we’re present.”

high school pupils at FertiGlobal
October 17, 2022
Work experience with FertiGlobal

High school pupils gain work experience with FertiGlobal owner Larderello

Three pupils from a technical high school in Italy’s Tuscany region have benefited from a national work experience scheme supported by Larderello Group, the parent company of Fertiglobal.

Italy’s ‘alternanza scuola-lavoro’, or ASL, is a national initiative that combines classroom education with practical work experience. By no means unique to Italy, the scheme is designed to help young people with the all-important school-to-work transition, alternating a school term with a work term in an attempt to advance education and learning experiences.

Crucially, the scheme relies on establishing good partnerships between an academic institution and an employer. So when the Antonio Santucci Technical Institute in Pomarance, a commune about 60km from Florence, signalled its desire to support the initiative, Larderello Group was only too willing to step in and provide student placements.

“All the students who, over time, have had the opportunity to participate seriously in ASL have returned to school enriched, more motivated in their studies and above all, more aware of their abilities and skills,” says Antonio Quarta, the institute’s vice-principal.

“The scheme provides many opportunities to deal with the national and territorial world of production. Seminars, conferences, laboratory experiences and trade fair visits are made throughout the year,” he adds.

Such activities allow students in class V to overcome the number of hours required by law for admission to the state exam.

This year, three students accepted the offer from Larderello Group, one each spending time with the maintenance department, technical team and R&D group respectively.

“The experience in Larderello began with a training course divided into two parts: company know-how and safety at work,” explains Larderello’s Emilio Spinelli, vice president of operations and plant manager, “before the pupils move into their assigned departments.”

“These programmes create a strong link between school and the world of work,” he says. “They also represent a showcase for the young people who will soon look out into the world of work.”

As for the students, they had nothing but praise for the programme and their experiences. Davide Masuzzo, who worked with the technical office, collaborated with Larderello employees to recreate paper diagrams in digital form, making them easier to use – and demonstrating just how useful his skills would be within the company on starting employment.

Meanwhile Baroni Pietro, who worked alongside the plant maintenance technicians, said he found he was able to ‘put into practice’ what he had learnt at school, collaborating in the refurbishment of pumps and contributing to the verification and calibration of industrial instrumentation.

Perhaps most enlightened by her attendance at Larderello was Sara Dei. Participating in activities within the research and development laboratory, she was sufficiently impressed by her work experience that she has already reconsidered her future work plans.

“These pupils were very happy with their experience,” concludes Emilio. “Schemes like this can truly help to orient young people for their life success. We’re delighted to support this programme and look forward to strengthening our relationship with the Institute Antonio Santucci in future years, and contributing positively to young people’s life experiences.”


October 16, 2022

How FertiGlobal celebrates World Food Day

Join us today to celebrate World Food Day.

Fact: 3.1 billion people – almost 40% of the world’s population – cannot afford a healthy diet?

Each and every one of us can change how we consume food and make healthier choices, not just for ourselves but for our planet.

We need to build a sustainable world where everyone, everywhere has regular access to enough nutritious food.

FertiGlobal is dedicated to investing in innovation and technology to support and transform agrifood systems.

October 10, 2022
Field trials information

Italian field trials are ON

So what is the LIFE ENVision project and how will it change the way agriculture can impact the environment?

Recently we got a tour in the Italian fields where we are conducting some trials to confirm the potential of EnNuVi Technology.

Very interesting to visit the grapevine trial in Puglia.

This trial is a collaboration with Agriproject-Group-srl, to see how EnNuVi Alpan can help to combat the challenge of rachis desiccation in grape crops.

We have also seen some great improvement within our current field demonstration trials on nectarine, apple, pear and grapevine. The trials with our field partners Fratelli Guerra in Emilia Romagna covering a range of crops and climatic conditions demonstrate the enviromental benefits of the EnNuVi Technology in terms of :

💧 reduction of the use of agri-chemicals and water supply

📈 increase of the soil fertility (as an indicator of reduced environmental impact)

✔️ improvement of crop quality and production yield

We look forward to sharing trial results soon.

October 5, 2022

World Coffee Day with some news by FertiGlobal

At FertiGlobal we are proud to be working with key players in the global food market. We’re happy to celebrate World Coffee Day on the 1st of October by giving a shout out to all our partners involved in coffee production. ⁣

This summer our Brazilian team met coffee growers to put together a Crop Management program which will integrate with innovative monitoring systems aimed at preventing plant stress, while ensuring greater, quality yields. All working towards bringing you the high quality, delicious flavor of coffee which is loved the world over. ⁣

Stay tuned to know how those synergies work!


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