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August 10, 2021
Foliflo Technology

Rumis powered by Foliflo Technology

👉🏼Let us introduce you to our Rumis powered by Foliflo Technology!

This new generation fertilizer has been specifically designed by FertiGlobal’s R&D team to promote plant growth (seedlings included) and to make crops more resilient to external stress conditions, such as transplant.

Rumis is a Boron and Zinc high analysis suspension blended with natural biostimulating elements derived from the prodigious seaweed Ecklonia Maxima.

Here are some of the many beneficial effects of this highly advanced crop nutrition technology on the most diverse plants:

🔹 Rumis helps plants to better assimilate and drive nutrients

🔹 it stimulates roots system development

🔹 and it makes crops more tolerant to stress conditions

Learn more on our technology line-up on our website: link is in the first comment!

August 6, 2021
News from Italian field trials

EnNuVi tested on vineyards

🗞 FertiGlobal on the Italian news!

The Italian specialized web magazine Agronotizie has recently published an article on a demo trial FertiGlobal has attended.

The trial organized by Agricola 2000 was aimed at analyzing different defense strategies on various crops through comparative studies.

We had the chance to prove the effectiveness of our crop nutrition technologies on vineyards. 🍇

Results have been very positive! Plants treated with our new generation fertilizers developed much better resistance to downy mildew, one of the main pathogen fungi threatening #vineyard productivity.

🙌 Another great success for sustainable agriculture!

If you want to read the article in Italian, click here.

August 5, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Field trials in Romagna, Italy

Greetings from beautiful Romagna!

Our Agronomic Specialist Lorenzo has recently spent a day among peaches🍑, tomatoes🍅 and grapes 🍇 monitoring the field trials we are carrying out to test the effectiveness of FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology.

🌱 Have a look at these beautiful pictures! Leaves are bright green and plants are growing healthy and rich of fruits!

Plants treated with our worldwide patented EnNuVi technology have developed a much better resistance to bacterial spot and to diseases such as powdery mildew. As a result, growers can significantly reduce fungicide use to protect their crops.

Another great success for our EnNuVi and for sustainable agriculture!


August 3, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Unique formulations, unique Technologies

Unique formulations need to be protected. 🛡️

FertiGlobal’s Mantus by EnNuVi technology is now sold in Vietnam with QR code and warranty seal.

Ensuring a certified traceability to all our crop nutrition technologies has always been one of our top priorities. This is how we guarantee the authenticity and utmost purity of our formulations protecting growers – and their plants, of course 🌿 – from potential fake products.

In the picture taken by one of our Vietnamese partners you can have a look at some of our products sold in the Country in their brand-new packaging!


July 27, 2021
Focus on Technologies

Foliflo Technology for high analysis suspensions

🟢 Curious to discover the golden rule for effective plant nutrition?

Good nutrient absorption plays a crucial role: the easier it is, the stronger and healthier the plant will grow.

That’s why our Foliflo Technology is the best ally for protecting plants in an eco-friendly way!

The particles of this cutting-edge technology measure less than 20 µm, making it easily absorbed into the leaf tissue.

Foliflo Technology provides plants with:

👉 Right amount of nutrients with no losses, for a perfect biostimulant action

👉 Very low phytotoxicity risk

👉 No stress for the low salinity index

Are you curious to discover more about our rich Technology line-up?

Take a look at this short video below to understand how Foliflo Technology works.! 👇


July 22, 2021
News from Morocco

Citrus treated with Foliarel and Foliflo Technologies

🍊 Have a look at this vitamin-rich video shot in Morocco!

You will hear an interview to our partner Mr. Idriss about his experience with FertiGlobal’s Foliflo Greening and Foliarel QS technologies on citrus fruits and avocado fields near Kenitra.

Our partner was looking for an eco-friendly innovative solution to grow his beloved plants in the healthiest way.

This is why he has chosen FertiGlobal’s new generation fertilizing solutions, based on the complexation of bioactive polyphenols with plant nutrients.

The result has been mind-blowing since the first treatment:

👉 leaf deficiency has been overcome

👉 plant vigor has visibly strengthened

🌳 As you will hear, Mr. Idriss has found products easy to use and is very satisfied with their effectiveness!

July 20, 2021
R&D updates

Advanced Technologies created in Larderello’s hub

👩‍🔬 Want to find out where Fertiglobal’s breakthrough crop nutrition technologies are developed?

Our next generation fertilizers are the result of advanced Research & Development carried out in FertGlobal’s innovative tech hub in Larderello, Italy.

Labs are equipped with advanced technology for the most accurate product development. Here our R&D team designs, fine-tunes and validates our product prototypes.

The testing phase of our bioactivating solutions is definitely a crucial part of the process.

It takes place in our special greenhouse, our hub’s true beating heart.

This is where our team of scientists conducts all the trials on different types of crops and meticulously collects results to constantly improve our technologies.

🌱Follow us on a virtual journey to the greenhouse through this photo-gallery!

#ENVisionProject #LIFEprogramme

July 15, 2021
New partnership in India

Trainings for Indian partners

🎉 Great news from India!

The Fertiglobal family is ever growing and we are happy to welcome new strategic partners from Indian States of Punjab and Karnataka.

Our Indian local team has organized a special technical training session to help the new members of the team better understanding the potential of FertiGlobal solutions.

🌱 We will soon get back to you to show the amazing results they will achieve thanks to our dedicated Crop Management Programs.

We are so proud to work with wonderful people from all over the world and spread together a more sustainable agriculture 💪

July 8, 2021
From Azapa Valley

Our Technologies have landed in Chile

Welcome to Azapa Valley in Chile!

This land is a fascinating fertile oasis in the Atacama Desert, in northern Chile.

🌱 People here can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables thanks to the unique climate of the valley and the recent introduction of new cultivation technologies and farming methods.

Here one of our partners in the region is testing FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technologies Foliflo, EnNuVi and Folimac, on a wide variety of vegetables.

Look at this nice video made by our Argentine colleague! 🎥

Results are great: plants are growing strong and super green with a rich number of healthy fruits!

July 6, 2021
Field Trial in the Netherlands

Turan tested on apple trees

Today we take you with us to the Netherlands to see the results of a field trial on apple trees where FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology is being tested!

The goal of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of Turan by EnNuVi technology for the control of scab and powdery mildew on apple trees.

The trials are still going on, but we can already see a remarkable difference in the results:

🔸 Untreated trees 👉 scab and powdery mildew

🔸 Apple trees treated with Fungicide Standard Program 👉 no scab but a slight presence of powdery mildew

🔸 Reduced Fungicide Application (50%) 👉 scab and a slight presence of powdery mildew

🔸 Reduced Fungicide Application + Turan by EnNuVi 👉 no scab and a slight presence of mildew!

Take a look with your eyes in the picture below, the plants which have received Turan are visibly healthier and stronger 💪🏼

See you in the fall for final results!

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