Crop management program on Papaya

July 7, 2022
News from Brazil

Crop management program on Papaya

Some vitamin-rich pictures from Bahia!

We are in Teixeira de Freitas, visiting one of our clients in the extreme south of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

The city’s economy is largely based on agriculture: the climate of this area makes it suitable for the cultivation of various tropical fruit crops.

The first months of the development of Papaya are crucial to build strong stout and vigorous stem. This period is decisive for the future of the plant: if it grows weak for insufficient nutrition, fruit production over the rest of its life will be adversely affected.

Providing plants with Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen can make the difference, supporting their development and strengthening their natural defenses. These three macro-nutrients are essential to nurture crops during the most challenging stages of their growth.

With the help of our local experts, the farmers fed the plants with a savvy combination of FertiGlobal Crescere, Attacco and Vitale. They could see and taste the results!

The rich fruit load and the vivid orange of the fruit pulp are the clearest evidence of a strong, healthy and nutrient-rich plant.

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