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November 4, 2022
News from India

Nashiks Grapes is interested in FertiGlobal solutions

Pleased to meet with Mr Ganesh – who represents Nashiks Grapes, a grape export group in India.

After meeting with our Global Business Development Manager, Claus Brakemeier on his recent visit, Mr. Ganesh was impressed by our product range and got in touch to find out more about our EnNuVi technologies.

August 9, 2022
New product

Fortitudo – the innovative product powered by Folistim Technology

Transplant is a crucial stage for a plant, often stressful.

“Moving” to a new soil is stressing and always requires a period of adaptation. Frequently, this is also accompanied by a change in climatic conditions, such as temperature, light and humidity.

Fortitudo, one of our latest solutions powered by Folistim Technology, is a reliable ally during this delicate period. Its formulation promotes cell division and root elongation, ensuring protection and fortification for seedling weakened by transplanting.

A balanced macronutrient supply is always the key to assure full recovery of normal plant growth.

Take a look at the guide clicking the link here below to discover more!

Fortitudo an innovation under Folistim Technology

Folimac Colore Chile
August 4, 2022
Folimac Technology

Colore experience in Chile

Have you ever been in the fertile oasis of Azapa Valley?

If not, you can still come with us!

Northern Chile has a unique climate that allows the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Our colleagues Diego and Javier visited a local farmer to check the on-going results of the application of our technologies: you can see with your eyes how lush these fruits are!

#Colore, which stands out in the picture below, is a fully soluble NK fertllizer enriched with Sulfur and Boron, for promptly absorbed foliar sprays and fertigation. This fine-tuned combination powered by Folimac Technology stimulates the accumulation of sugars in plant and fruits, thus promoting growth and color intensity.

A balanced use of Colore, according to our personalized Crop Management Programmes, is a valuable ally to:

🌱 feed the plant with high qualitative nutrients

✖️ prevent nutrient deficiency

💪 decrease stress during critical growth stages

📈 improve crop yield

Choosing the right technologies can be crucial to enhance farmer’s efforts.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to receive more information!

Folimac Colore Chile
Colore powered by Folimac Technology gave great results in Azapa Valley
Folistim Technology fertilizers by FertiGlobal
July 28, 2022

Folistim for a fine-tuning crop management

Can you imagine a naturally derived, stable, and easy-to-use solution that provides crops with all the support and nutrients they need?

Folistim-based products are what you are looking for!

This FertiGlobal Technology promotes vegetative growth and stress tolerance by ensuring seedling an effective supply of nutrients. And that’s not all: the application of solutions powered by Folistim has also positive effects on soil regeneration and crop cycle regulation.

What’s the secret behind its formulation? A wise combination of nutrients with natural fine-tuning compounds, developed, tested and improved by our multifunctional team of researchers.

All the products of the assortment are optimal both for foliar application and irrigation, thanks to their liquid texture, which is mixable with other agrochemical compounds.

click here to know how Folistim Technology works

July 19, 2022
News from Brazil

FertiGlobal at Hortitech

We couldn’t miss Hortitech 2022! 🌱

Trade fairs are an irreplaceable opportunity to get in touch with producers, professionals and technicians of our industry. We love to meet people, listen to their needs and answer to questions about our solutions.

Here we are in Holambra, at one of the leading trade fairs for the Horticulture and Fruit sector in Brazil. The event brings together the latest innovations in technology, machinery, equipment and trends for cultivation.

Sowing for the Future: this is what we do with #EnNuVi Technology, enhancing, nurturing and vitalizing the most diverse crops of farmers worldwide.

July 11, 2022
News from Peru

A meeting in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard

☀️ Under the sun of Peru

A picture of our Southern America’s team during a meeting with farmers, in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard.

Here are grown rich bunches of Red Globe, a variety of very large, seeded red table grapes 🍇.

In the past few years,  farmers of this region observed great benefits after the application of  FertiGlobal Ok and Colore technologies:

➡️ Colore is a nutritional supplement to help the crop survive during times of high stress, such as cold, drought or disease. It also stimulates the accumulation of sugars in both plant and fruit, increasing their color and size.

➡️ The high boron concentration of Ok reduces premature fruit drop and helps to maintain a fruit good appearance.

Next technology to be tested on these fields? 🔜 EnNuVi



July 7, 2022
News from Brazil

Crop management program on Papaya

Some vitamin-rich pictures from Bahia!

We are in Teixeira de Freitas, visiting one of our clients in the extreme south of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

The city’s economy is largely based on agriculture: the climate of this area makes it suitable for the cultivation of various tropical fruit crops.

The first months of the development of Papaya are crucial to build strong stout and vigorous stem. This period is decisive for the future of the plant: if it grows weak for insufficient nutrition, fruit production over the rest of its life will be adversely affected.

Providing plants with Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen can make the difference, supporting their development and strengthening their natural defenses. These three macro-nutrients are essential to nurture crops during the most challenging stages of their growth.

With the help of our local experts, the farmers fed the plants with a savvy combination of FertiGlobal Crescere, Attacco and Vitale. They could see and taste the results!

The rich fruit load and the vivid orange of the fruit pulp are the clearest evidence of a strong, healthy and nutrient-rich plant.

June 1, 2022
Crop Management Program

Good coffee never goes unnoticed

It may be because of its scent, its energy charge, or its unmistakable aroma: good coffee never goes unnoticed.

Due to the huge market demand for its seeds, farmers cannot always give coffee plants the right care. As a result of their inevitable weakening, those plants are often affected by bacterial blight and spots on leaves and berries.

These conditions make it hard to cope with abiotic stresses, such as lack of water or excess of solar radiation.

The good news is that farmers can count on new sustainable methods for supporting and protecting their crops.

Within the FertiGlobal’s portfolio, growers can find the right solutions and build together with our experts a savvy combination between bioactive technologies and crop management programs.

May 30, 2022
Technology info

Folimac on kiwi for excellent growth

Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen: three essential macro-nutrients that nurture cultivated plants during the most challenging stages of their growth.

Providing seedlings with those elements means supporting their development, strengthening their natural defenses.

Environmental conditions are not always favourable and plants may need extra help: FertiGlobal‘s solutions stand by farmers to support their effort through cutting-edge technologies with high levels of adaptability to different types of territories and crops.

The following pictures have been taken in kiwi and avocado fields of one of our Argentinean partners.

Plants have achieved extraordinary vegetative growth, thanks to the application of our fertilizers, including Aureo powered by Folimac, an extraordinary source of essential nutrients.

May 13, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan excellent biostimulant properties

By deeply understanding plants physiology and pathology, we are able to formulate technological solutions able to support their growth from within, acting on metabolism.

Magnesium, the key component of Alpan, powered by #EnNuvi, is an essential element throughout the development period of the plant, fulfilling several functions:

➡️ it is a precious component of chlorophyll

➡️ it acts as a transport medium for phosphorus, being essential in the metabolism of phosphates

➡️ plants need it for cell division and protein formation and activation of several enzyme systems

➡️it is an essential component for plant respiration

This patented high analysis suspension fertilizer by FertiGlobal has proven to have exceptional biostimulant properties while providing high protection, even in case of drought stresses.

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