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May 5, 2022
News from China

FertiGlobal to conquer the huge Chinese market

China is a huge territory, very diversified and complex in many ways from an agricultural perspective. Being characterized by a wide variety of climates and landscapes, it has no equal in the rest of the planet, which has resulted in one of the world’s widest arrays of ecological niches.

Not only the largest producer of rice in the world and a major source of wheat, corn, tobacco, soybeans, peanuts and cotton, China is also the source of an incredible range of seed plants, reaching 30,000 different species.

To face challenges and seize opportunities, FertiGlobal is present in China with a highly qualified and dynamic team, always there to raise awareness on sustainable agricultural practices and guarantee maximum support to clients and partners.


April 27, 2022
News from India

EnNuVi Technology on tomato for great results

When farmers can count on the most advanced fertilizing solutions, dedication and commitment lead to extraordinary results.

These pictures have been taken during a follow up of a field trial in Madanpalle, the famous Indian tomato market.

Local crops have been treated with Mantus, powered by EnNuVi Technology: the trial highlighted a significant management of abiotic and biotic stress.

This tomato crop is telling us a lot about its health status, thanks to the eye-catching effects of #EnNuVi in action, we can observe:

💪 Strong stems

🌿 Broad and green leaves

🍅 Vigorous flowering and fruit settings, meaning better fruit load

March 1, 2022
Technical information

Crop Management Programs

🌱 Like humans, all plants have specific needs, which change during the stages of their growth.

Knowing these demands can make an essential difference to farmers: taking care of what the seedlings need and providing them with the right nutrition is essential to protect plants and obtain high-quality harvest.

For this reason, we have designed FertiGlobal’s Crop Management Programs, meant to guide farmers in the most diverse areas of the globe to grow strong and resilient plants, able to resist to external stress factors.

If you wish to get further information and recommendations about which of our technologies could support you, fill the form clicking here


February 3, 2022
Foliflo Technology

Crop management in a sustainable way

Is it possible to protect crops in a sustainable way without reducing yields?

This is how we do it!

🍅 This agricultural drone is spraying FertiGlobal’s Rumis by FoliFlo technology on a tomato field in Chile.

Rumis is a cutting-edge bioactivating solution specifically designed by FertiGlobal’s R&D to promote plant growth (seedlings included) and to make crops more resilient to external stress conditions.

New generation fertilizing solutions such as our Rumis help plants grow healthier and stronger with less need of traditional agrochemicals.

Thanks to drones, farmers can apply the right amount of product and be sure that all plants will receive the nutrients and protection they need, minimizing waste.

Have a look at the video clicking here! 📹

February 1, 2022
Company’s history

200 years of research and knowledge are our DNA

Here’s an historical picture from the archives of FertiGlobal’s mother-company Lardarello Group.

Have a look at this image! 📸 It shows the countryside of Larderello (Tuscany) and our ancient plant.

It all began back in 1818, when Jacques François Larderel, our visionary founder, discovered the potential of geothermal energy, naturally present in the territory.

🔬 200 years of research and knowledge after, Larderello Group has expanded all over the world with R&D labs, production sites, sales offices, warehouses located in the five continents.

Today the main hub of FertiGlobal, agricultural division of the Group, is still located in the beautiful Tuscany region.

Our company works at the forefront in the global agricultural scene. We are highly committed to advanced R&D for the creation of innovative plant nutrition solutions ensuring healthy plant growth and yield increase at the highest standards. 🌱

January 28, 2022
News from India

Crop management program on Chili – top performance!

🌶 India is one of the world’s leading chili producers. These plants particularly love warm weather and grow in small bushes.

Curious fact: the super pungent taste of its fruits is due to a chemical called ‘capsaici’.

Here we are in central India, in the State of Madya Pradesh. One of our partners in the country is testing FertiGlobal’s advanced bioactivating technologies on their chili cultivations. Our local team has supported the client right from the beginning of the season following FertiGlobal’s Crop Management Program specifically designed for this crop.

Results are impressive: our chilies have grown much bigger and healthier compared to the crops treated with the standard agricultural practice.

Have a look at the pictures to see for yourself! 📷

November 11, 2021
News from India

Foliflo on chilli – the results are excellent

Every farmer has experienced the disappointment of a low yield.

This is exactly what has happened to Mohammad. It’s been 20 years since he started growing chillies 🌶 and during this time he has developed a deep knowledge of these plants.

Lately, he has observed a significant yields decrease, both in terms of quantity and quality.

This is why he decided to rely on FertiGlobal’s new generation fertilizing solutions.

Here’s what he has achieved thanks to our Foliflo, based on plant nutrients in high analysis suspensions:

👉 right after the very first treatment, plants were already looking healthier and stronger

👉 after only 4 days the plant was visibly healthier and richer with chili fruits

November 4, 2021
Brazilian news

Advanced bioactivating technologies for vineyards

☀️Farming fields are definitively one of our favorite working places!

The expert live support we provide to partners and clients all over the world allows us to discuss with growers and understand their actual needs.

Here we are in Brazil, in the beautiful Vale do São Francisco. The production of wine is a crucial economic activity for the region.

🍇 Look at these grapes: the application of our advanced bioactivating technologies has reinforced and nurtured these vineyards, supporting their development along the entire lifecycle.

Another visible proof that sustainable agriculture doesn’t mean reducing yields!

September 30, 2021
India tour

Foliflo Technology application on apples

☀️ Follow us on our tour among these beautiful Indian apple orchards!

We have recently been travelling around the Country visiting farmers together with our local partners. The journey has been the perfect occasion to collect their opinions on FertiGlobal’s bioactivating technology FoliFlo on their Royal Delicious apple trees.

Here are some of the benefits they have observed:

🍎Fruits are shining

🌿Leaves are very strong, glowing and much bigger

🍃Drop has decreased

🎥 Have a look at the video to learn more on their experiences

and don’t miss our updates!

September 21, 2021
Foliflo Technology

Rumis – the new suspension by FertiGlobal

At FertiGlobal we work hard every day to develop the most advanced solutions to help farmers worldwide taking care of their beloved plants.

Today we want to show you the promising results of a trial conducted by our R&D team on corn crops.

🌾 The aim of the test was to prove the efficacy of our plant nutrition technology Rumis by Foliflo, specifically designed to promote plant growth providing roots with rich nutrition.

Crops have been treated with our technology both via the leaves and through fertigation.

This is what our team has observed:

👉 faster growth

👉 more biomass production, especially with fertigation application

👉 improved in all root parameters, in terms of weight, length, volume and surface

Have a look at the picture to see the impressive root development we have achieved with both treatments!



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