Crop management in a sustainable way

February 3, 2022
Foliflo Technology

Crop management in a sustainable way

Is it possible to protect crops in a sustainable way without reducing yields?

This is how we do it!

🍅 This agricultural drone is spraying FertiGlobal’s Rumis by FoliFlo technology on a tomato field in Chile.

Rumis is a cutting-edge bioactivating solution specifically designed by FertiGlobal’s R&D to promote plant growth (seedlings included) and to make crops more resilient to external stress conditions.

New generation fertilizing solutions such as our Rumis help plants grow healthier and stronger with less need of traditional agrochemicals.

Thanks to drones, farmers can apply the right amount of product and be sure that all plants will receive the nutrients and protection they need, minimizing waste.

Have a look at the video clicking here! 📹

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