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March 10, 2023
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 4

Over the last three blogs in this mini-series, we’ve been explaining the FertiGlobal Difference – why we, and our innovative range of bioactivating and crop nutrition solutions, are a unique offering for farmers keen to pursue a modern, progressive and sustainable farming approach.

We’ve covered the Commercial aspects – the value of our team, the importance of growth, flexibility and complete assurance; how our approach to Marketing focuses on the significance of Total Crop Management, supported by quality products and the concept of protection; and how our stated commitment to Research & Development is crucial for maintaining innovation and progress.

But then there’s the final, fourth pillar: Understanding. Or it’s perhaps better explained as Context: how we give credibility to the other three pillars.


You might know that FertiGlobal is the agricultural business unit of Lardarello Group. We’re one of the oldest players in international chemicals: founded in 1818, borax was one of our first products. We’re always proud of, but never complacent about, what 200 years of history and knowledge contributes to the company’s success.

We were one of the first to recognise the importance of product quality, and the need to prove it through science: a chemical laboratory for quality control has been a feature of the Lardarello site for nearly 130 years.

And while FertiGlobal may be young in comparison to the wider group, we’re here for the long run, to create new traditions and set new trends: in 2023 we’re already celebrating 20 years of trading. And 20 years of valuable experience in providing the world’s farmers with sustainable crop nutrition solutions.


FertiGlobal has inherited its parent company’s tough quality standards. Our customers are never in any doubt about our products’ ability to perform as expected. But we don’t believe high-performing crop care products are incompatible with strict environmental commitments. Our entire business is centred on providing all our stakeholders with increasing value in respect of the environment, while continuing to operate under the highest quality standards.

It’s a vision that’s implemented daily, across the whole company, through an integrated Quality, Health, Environment and Safety system.


Throughout this blog series, we’ve talked a lot about our belief in our vision, our products and our approach to sustainable agriculture. But there’s nothing like having those beliefs confirmed and recognised. So we’re delighted that the dedication and professionalism of the whole FertiGlobal team has seen the company receive an award from the LIFE Programme of the European Union for the development and commercialisation of our EnNuVi® Technology.

We’ve always believed that this innovative biostimulant solution has the potential to help farmers reduce the environmental impact of their crop-growing activities, without compromising their ability to produce quality food, more efficiently. To have EnNuVi recognised in this way is a satisfying endorsement, and we’re thrilled that a FertiGlobal technology has been singled out by the European Union as a key element in the bloc’s Farm to Fork strategy: one of many that we hope will truly help farmers to produce more from less.

That concludes our series on the Four Pillars. We hope it’s given you a better, deeper understanding of the commitment and beliefs that are suffused through every FertiGlobal product.

January 26, 2023
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 2

In the second instalment of our series looking at ‘what makes FertiGlobal different’, we turn to the next of the ‘four pillars of FertiGlobal’ – how we keep our distributors informed and our growers satisfied, through good marketing practice of our innovative agricultural and crop management solutions.

It’s not enough merely to manufacture a product, albeit one with exemplary technical credibility and valuable trials evidence. It also needs to be understood – to have a place, to be supported with knowledge, to be given a role. Bringing all these factors together is FertiGlobal’s application of marketing, and how we use it to engage with those in our value chain: our own technical team, our distributors and in-country representatives, and our farmers around the world.

It’s all about quality

At FertiGlobal, we’ve never shied away from highlighting the importance of product quality. We manufacture all our products – the high quality biostimulants and crop nutrition solutions – at our headquarters in Italy, observing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and following strict quality control protocols.

Our products focus on protection

Whether that’s protection of soil, seed, plant, yield or farmer, this is a crucial aspect common to every FertiGlobal product. From protecting the soil before sowing or transplanting, and after harvesting; to protecting the seed, and then the plant, in every growth stage, to shield it against abiotic and biotic stresses; and to protecting the farmer’s investment in the soil, in fertiliser, in seeds, in crop – our products offer protection from beginning to end of a crop’s lifecycle and throughout our customers’ farming businesses.

Total Crop Management…

Our approach is holistic. It’s what helps make FertiGlobal different, and what distinguishes us from others in the global agricultural, crop protection and crop nutrition market. Too many players focus their time on developing specific solutions for specific problems. It’s an approach that demands time, input, effort and cost for the farmer. Moving away from this ‘silo’ approach was our objective in developing our ‘crop management’ approach. This takes into account the entire lifecycle of plants, crops and crop stages – and the essential underlying requirement that optimising a crop’s yield potential is totally dependent on optimum plant health. FertiGlobal’s innovative, breakthrough technologies deploy the best, high quality, bioavailable compounds to stimulate the natural defence processes of the plant. By prioritising plant health, we can often avoid many of the situations that allow specific problems to develop, and thus remove the need for individual, specific solutions.

…thanks to top technology

Our breakthrough technologies are about more than just enabling holistic plant health. They also allow better environmental health, improving farm biodiversity by allowing farmers to progressively reduce their use of agrochemicals such as fungicides. It’s our research-led philosophy that allows us to generate and develop research-led technologies that can bring about a more sustainable, more profitable, approach to agriculture.

And it’s that application of Technology that we’ll look at in more detail in part three of our blog examining the pillars of FertiGlobal.

September 20, 2022
News from India

India market is giving us trust

From our headquarters in Italy to the fields of India we are proud to be distributing our products across the globe.

Our India team recently met with M/s Vachan Seeds at Raipur, Chattisgarh of India who were interested to learn how our products could support their seed production business growing tomato, Okra, Brinjal and cucurbits.

It was also great to join Srion Agri Solutions Ltd in Andrha Pradesh, India recently to discuss our product with their customers.

Great discussions were had and it was a great opportunity to discuss FertiGlobal technologies and how they can help in the production of quality crops.

We were also pleased to join them on customer visits in the Tadipatri and Ananthapur regions.

Key to our work across the globe is getting to know our customers, and helping them to know our product.

Semia and Ok on Banana India
August 25, 2022
News from India

Semia and OK give satisfaction in growing banana

🍌 Are you ready for a potassium boost?

We are in the South of India, in the Country’s second largest banana market located in Tamil Nadu. Our local team has been following a field trial to test Semia formulation, powered by #EnNuVi technology and OK solution, powered by Foliarel.

These banana plants tell us a lot about the benefits of this powerful combination of active ingredients:

🌿 broad and greener leaves

💪 overall better plant health

📈 excellent growth

The farmers appreciated a significant decrease of infection of Sigatoka (banana leaf-spot disease) and a better resistance against abiotic stresses.

Agriculture of the future ➡️ here we come!

Semia and Ok on Banana India
Banana plant treated with Semia and Ok
Semia and Ok on Banana India
EnNuVi Semia and Foliarel Ok gave satisfaction in growing banana in India
Semia and Ok on Banana India
EnNuVi Semia and Foliarel Ok gave satisfaction in growing banana in India
August 18, 2022
News from China

Good results on Tomato with EnNuVi Technology

🍅 Tomato is undoubtedly one of the most popular fruits in the world, both for fresh consumption and in processed products.

This crop is rather delicate and requires well-hydrated soils and a fairly dry climate: too much humidity can cause rot and stress throughout the plant, making it vulnerable to developing other diseases.

Through this short video below we fly to China, to hear from a local farmer the effect he could observe after applying  Mantus on his crops, in order to nourish tomato plants from within. This innovative solution, powered by #EnNuVi Technology, takes full advantage of the combined action of plant nutrients and bioactive polyphenols.

Satisfying results were not slow in coming, both in plants grown in direct sunlight and in greenhouse. The farmer hightlights:

🌱 Excellent growth

🌱 Lower incidence of diseases

🌱 Stiff and strong stems

🌱 Healthy and well-stretched leaves

Drought stress FertiGlobal
August 11, 2022
General news

Drought stress more often present in the daily agriculture practice

Drought stress FertiGlobal
FertiGlobal helps to avoid drought stress

🌾 The current alarming drought levels are seriously endangering the work of many farmers, often forcing them to harvest earlier than they should.

💧When experiencing lack of water, the plant activates emergency procedures to conserve fluids.

This causes abiotic stress to the cells – a stress that has a non-pathogenic origin, but is internal to the plant itself.

If the situation is prolonged, the plant’s metabolism will be altered, limiting vital functions and consequently the growth. When the threshold limit is exceeded, the damage becomes irreparable, even if water is replenished.

Technology can help a lot to prolong the life of the plant as much as possible: a wise combination of essential elements can boost the strength of cells, increasing natural defenses while also promoting more positive reactions against drought stresses.

August 2, 2022
News from China

Mantus is the solution for good results on cucumber

FertiGlobal stands out in the Far East!

Watch the full video to discover the beneficial effect of Mantus observed by our Chinese colleague Wangyu on a cucumber crop 🥒.

We are in the greenhouse of one of our partners: last cultivations had a serious root rot issue, that forced the farmer to prematurely harvest the fruits. In addition, plants suffered of leaf spot disease, due to high temperatures and excessive seasonal humidity.

To avoid this problem, this year the farmer decided to apply Mantus: after just one month from picking the fruits, the results are promising:

➡️ Better overall growth

🌿Thicker and glossier leaves

💪Increased plant resistance

Folistim Technology fertilizers by FertiGlobal
July 28, 2022

Folistim for a fine-tuning crop management

Can you imagine a naturally derived, stable, and easy-to-use solution that provides crops with all the support and nutrients they need?

Folistim-based products are what you are looking for!

This FertiGlobal Technology promotes vegetative growth and stress tolerance by ensuring seedling an effective supply of nutrients. And that’s not all: the application of solutions powered by Folistim has also positive effects on soil regeneration and crop cycle regulation.

What’s the secret behind its formulation? A wise combination of nutrients with natural fine-tuning compounds, developed, tested and improved by our multifunctional team of researchers.

All the products of the assortment are optimal both for foliar application and irrigation, thanks to their liquid texture, which is mixable with other agrochemical compounds.

click here to know how Folistim Technology works

July 26, 2022
News from Brazil

Our branch plant in Brazil

Come with us to discover the Agrigento Fertilizantes plant!

With these pictures we open the doors of the production facilities of our Brazilian headquarters: from here, our tech solutions are distributed along the whole Country to feed the fields of thousands of farmers.

Do you know why the word “Agrigento” was chosen?

The brand is named after the famous Italian city from the region of Sicily.

This name is not only a tribute to the company’s Italian origins, but also has a strongly inspirational value: in Esperanto, ‘Gento’ means ‘People’ and ‘Agri’ is the abbreviation of ‘Agriculture’.

In FertiGlobal, we believe in ‘Agriculture for people’, just as our Brazilian brand reminds us every day.

July 21, 2022
News from India

Helping Indian farmers to reach abundant harvests

🌿 Our technologies in action in Indian fields

From North to South, from East to West, our local team is at the side of Indian farmers helping them to protect their hard work and convert it into abundant harvests.

Throughout the year, we conduct field trials on a wide range of crops, in completely different climatic regions, benchmarking results with traditional practices.

Our database keeps growing: among the latest cultivations we have tested eggplant, banana, melon and okra – a vegetable also known as “lady’s fingers”.

This is the best way to prove that a well-nourished plant is also a stronger plant, bringing bigger and more nutricious fruits!

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