The FertiGlobal difference 4

March 10, 2023
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 4

Over the last three blogs in this mini-series, we’ve been explaining the FertiGlobal Difference – why we, and our innovative range of bioactivating and crop nutrition solutions, are a unique offering for farmers keen to pursue a modern, progressive and sustainable farming approach.

We’ve covered the Commercial aspects – the value of our team, the importance of growth, flexibility and complete assurance; how our approach to Marketing focuses on the significance of Total Crop Management, supported by quality products and the concept of protection; and how our stated commitment to Research & Development is crucial for maintaining innovation and progress.

But then there’s the final, fourth pillar: Understanding. Or it’s perhaps better explained as Context: how we give credibility to the other three pillars.


You might know that FertiGlobal is the agricultural business unit of Lardarello Group. We’re one of the oldest players in international chemicals: founded in 1818, borax was one of our first products. We’re always proud of, but never complacent about, what 200 years of history and knowledge contributes to the company’s success.

We were one of the first to recognise the importance of product quality, and the need to prove it through science: a chemical laboratory for quality control has been a feature of the Lardarello site for nearly 130 years.

And while FertiGlobal may be young in comparison to the wider group, we’re here for the long run, to create new traditions and set new trends: in 2023 we’re already celebrating 20 years of trading. And 20 years of valuable experience in providing the world’s farmers with sustainable crop nutrition solutions.


FertiGlobal has inherited its parent company’s tough quality standards. Our customers are never in any doubt about our products’ ability to perform as expected. But we don’t believe high-performing crop care products are incompatible with strict environmental commitments. Our entire business is centred on providing all our stakeholders with increasing value in respect of the environment, while continuing to operate under the highest quality standards.

It’s a vision that’s implemented daily, across the whole company, through an integrated Quality, Health, Environment and Safety system.


Throughout this blog series, we’ve talked a lot about our belief in our vision, our products and our approach to sustainable agriculture. But there’s nothing like having those beliefs confirmed and recognised. So we’re delighted that the dedication and professionalism of the whole FertiGlobal team has seen the company receive an award from the LIFE Programme of the European Union for the development and commercialisation of our EnNuVi® Technology.

We’ve always believed that this innovative biostimulant solution has the potential to help farmers reduce the environmental impact of their crop-growing activities, without compromising their ability to produce quality food, more efficiently. To have EnNuVi recognised in this way is a satisfying endorsement, and we’re thrilled that a FertiGlobal technology has been singled out by the European Union as a key element in the bloc’s Farm to Fork strategy: one of many that we hope will truly help farmers to produce more from less.

That concludes our series on the Four Pillars. We hope it’s given you a better, deeper understanding of the commitment and beliefs that are suffused through every FertiGlobal product.

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