Folistim for a fine-tuning crop management

July 28, 2022
Folistim Technology fertilizers by FertiGlobal

Folistim for a fine-tuning crop management

Can you imagine a naturally derived, stable, and easy-to-use solution that provides crops with all the support and nutrients they need?

Folistim-based products are what you are looking for!

This FertiGlobal Technology promotes vegetative growth and stress tolerance by ensuring seedling an effective supply of nutrients. And that’s not all: the application of solutions powered by Folistim has also positive effects on soil regeneration and crop cycle regulation.

What’s the secret behind its formulation? A wise combination of nutrients with natural fine-tuning compounds, developed, tested and improved by our multifunctional team of researchers.

All the products of the assortment are optimal both for foliar application and irrigation, thanks to their liquid texture, which is mixable with other agrochemical compounds.

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