India market is giving us trust

September 20, 2022
News from India

India market is giving us trust

From our headquarters in Italy to the fields of India we are proud to be distributing our products across the globe.

Our India team recently met with M/s Vachan Seeds at Raipur, Chattisgarh of India who were interested to learn how our products could support their seed production business growing tomato, Okra, Brinjal and cucurbits.

It was also great to join Srion Agri Solutions Ltd in Andrha Pradesh, India recently to discuss our product with their customers.

Great discussions were had and it was a great opportunity to discuss FertiGlobal technologies and how they can help in the production of quality crops.

We were also pleased to join them on customer visits in the Tadipatri and Ananthapur regions.

Key to our work across the globe is getting to know our customers, and helping them to know our product.

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