Crop management program on Chili – top performance!

January 28, 2022
News from India

Crop management program on Chili – top performance!

🌶 India is one of the world’s leading chili producers. These plants particularly love warm weather and grow in small bushes.

Curious fact: the super pungent taste of its fruits is due to a chemical called ‘capsaici’.

Here we are in central India, in the State of Madya Pradesh. One of our partners in the country is testing FertiGlobal’s advanced bioactivating technologies on their chili cultivations. Our local team has supported the client right from the beginning of the season following FertiGlobal’s Crop Management Program specifically designed for this crop.

Results are impressive: our chilies have grown much bigger and healthier compared to the crops treated with the standard agricultural practice.

Have a look at the pictures to see for yourself! 📷

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