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September 30, 2021
India tour

Foliflo Technology application on apples

☀️ Follow us on our tour among these beautiful Indian apple orchards!

We have recently been travelling around the Country visiting farmers together with our local partners. The journey has been the perfect occasion to collect their opinions on FertiGlobal’s bioactivating technology FoliFlo on their Royal Delicious apple trees.

Here are some of the benefits they have observed:

🍎Fruits are shining

🌿Leaves are very strong, glowing and much bigger

🍃Drop has decreased

🎥 Have a look at the video to learn more on their experiences

and don’t miss our updates!

September 14, 2021
News from India

EnNuVi introduction in India’s market

🌏  India is one of the most ancient cultures in the world, home to a wide variety of fascinating traditions. Thanks to its climate, varying from humid and dry tropical to temperate alpine, India hosts a super-rich ecosystem suitable for a huge variety of crops.

The sub-continent, though, is forced to face extremely difficult weather conditions due to climate change which are causing great stress to all plants.

FertiGlobal has started its journey in this amazing land back in 2018 with a mission to support local farmers enhancing productivity in the most eco-friendly way. Since then, various crops such as banana, rice and potato have benefited from our treatments.

🌿 Together with our local partners we are introducing and testing our patented bioactivating technology EnNuVi and our Crop Management Programs specifically dedicated to each and every plant.
We can proudly say our technologies are achieving impressive results. Plants grow healthy and naturally more resistant to external stress factors, including droughts, floods and heat waves. This is how we are also able to significantly reduce pesticides, for the sake of our planet. 🌎

July 15, 2021
New partnership in India

Trainings for Indian partners

🎉 Great news from India!

The Fertiglobal family is ever growing and we are happy to welcome new strategic partners from Indian States of Punjab and Karnataka.

Our Indian local team has organized a special technical training session to help the new members of the team better understanding the potential of FertiGlobal solutions.

🌱 We will soon get back to you to show the amazing results they will achieve thanks to our dedicated Crop Management Programs.

We are so proud to work with wonderful people from all over the world and spread together a more sustainable agriculture 💪

March 25, 2021
CMP – Crop Management Programs

On Papaya great results applying FertiGlobal’s CMP

🇮🇳 India is by far the leading papaya producer worldwide. The request for this tropical fruit has been constantly increasing over the last ten years, therefore Indian farmers have expanded its production in many States to meet the needs of the market.
Here we are in Madhya Pradesh, where our new partner in the region has been following FertiGlobal’s Crop Management Program specifically dedicated to this cultivation for the first time.
Papaya trees have been treated with our crop nutrition technologies right from the beginning of the season, last Autumn.
💪 Thanks to the bioactivating action of our solutions plants have grown healthier developing a much better resistance to nutritional deficiencies of important elements such as boron and calcium.
📷 We couldn’t be happier to see the results with our eyes and to share them with you here:
have a look at these super rich papaya bunches!
February 25, 2021
Coping with climate changes in India

Banana management with EnNuVi and Foliflo

⛈️ Of all countries in the world India is the most affected by climate change and its entire agricultural sector is striving to cope with bad consequences.
In this brief video you will hear the experience of a local farmer who was about to lose his whole yield due to high temperatures and a massive rainfall that struck his banana field.
A prompt intervention was needed to save his harvest. And this is where FertiGlobal comes to the rescue with advanced bioactivating technologies EnNuVi and FoliFlo.
After only 5 days from the first application, bananas already started growing with new green leaves. 🍌🍌
The farmer could not believe his eyes comparing the recovery of his field with his neighbours.
🎥 Have a look at this brief interview to learn more on his story!

January 22, 2021
India’s testimonial

Foliflo Technology to increase the harvest

A harvest increase of 2 quintals certainly does not go unnoticed! 🍚
That’s what has happened to these two Indian farmers who treated their rice crops with FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technology FOLIFLO.
The power of this advanced solution was clearly visible right from the beginning of the season. Thanks to it, rice stems have grown much stronger and more resilient to the typical climatic stress factors affecting the region. 🌾
Have a look at the video to see it with your own eyes! 🎥

November 5, 2020
India’s experience with FertiGlobal’s solutions

Foliflo Technology on rice

When it comes to yield results, numbers definitely speak louder than words! 🔝
🌾🌾 Today we are in India, where we have just concluded a very important test of our crop nutrition technology FOLIFLO on rice.
We couldn’t be prouder of the results!
🔹Thanks to our advanced solutions, the farmer involved has achieved 500 kg extra rice yield per hectare, compared to the standard practice!
🔹Our treatment also ensured a significant improvement in the quality of rice grains: those coming from FOLIFLO treated plants weight 26% more.
Have a look at these comparative pictures to see the difference with your eyes!
Remember you can request dedicated Crop Management Programs specifically focused on your crops and geography filling in the form in our website.
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