Online event for the German audience

January 20, 2022
LIFE ENVision 2nd conference

Online event for the German audience

➡️🌱 Last week FertiGlobal organized a new online event for the German audience coordinated by the Agriculture magazine @AgrarZeitung: “Biostimulants: a milestone for integrated crop production”.

The meeting has been a great chance to discuss the crucial role of plant biostimulants in the transition towards a more sustainable agriculture. We presented our EU-funded LIFE #ENVisionProject and shared the great results achieved by our bioactivating technology EnNuVi on several types of crops.

Finding the right balance between economy and ecology in agriculture is now more urgent than ever, as highlighted by the EU Green Deal and Farm To Fork strategy. This is the mission at the heart of our #ENVisionProject and our patented EnNuVi technology: Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize crops to increase yield and ensure healthy plant growth.

Want to learn more on our mission? Visit FertiGlobal’s ENVision web site! Enjoy it!

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