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August 5, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Field trials in Romagna, Italy

Greetings from beautiful Romagna!

Our Agronomic Specialist Lorenzo has recently spent a day among peaches🍑, tomatoes🍅 and grapes 🍇 monitoring the field trials we are carrying out to test the effectiveness of FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology.

🌱 Have a look at these beautiful pictures! Leaves are bright green and plants are growing healthy and rich of fruits!

Plants treated with our worldwide patented EnNuVi technology have developed a much better resistance to bacterial spot and to diseases such as powdery mildew. As a result, growers can significantly reduce fungicide use to protect their crops.

Another great success for our EnNuVi and for sustainable agriculture!


August 3, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Unique formulations, unique Technologies

Unique formulations need to be protected. 🛡️

FertiGlobal’s Mantus by EnNuVi technology is now sold in Vietnam with QR code and warranty seal.

Ensuring a certified traceability to all our crop nutrition technologies has always been one of our top priorities. This is how we guarantee the authenticity and utmost purity of our formulations protecting growers – and their plants, of course 🌿 – from potential fake products.

In the picture taken by one of our Vietnamese partners you can have a look at some of our products sold in the Country in their brand-new packaging!


July 8, 2021
From Azapa Valley

Our Technologies have landed in Chile

Welcome to Azapa Valley in Chile!

This land is a fascinating fertile oasis in the Atacama Desert, in northern Chile.

🌱 People here can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables thanks to the unique climate of the valley and the recent introduction of new cultivation technologies and farming methods.

Here one of our partners in the region is testing FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technologies Foliflo, EnNuVi and Folimac, on a wide variety of vegetables.

Look at this nice video made by our Argentine colleague! 🎥

Results are great: plants are growing strong and super green with a rich number of healthy fruits!

July 6, 2021
Field Trial in the Netherlands

Turan tested on apple trees

Today we take you with us to the Netherlands to see the results of a field trial on apple trees where FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology is being tested!

The goal of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of Turan by EnNuVi technology for the control of scab and powdery mildew on apple trees.

The trials are still going on, but we can already see a remarkable difference in the results:

🔸 Untreated trees 👉 scab and powdery mildew

🔸 Apple trees treated with Fungicide Standard Program 👉 no scab but a slight presence of powdery mildew

🔸 Reduced Fungicide Application (50%) 👉 scab and a slight presence of powdery mildew

🔸 Reduced Fungicide Application + Turan by EnNuVi 👉 no scab and a slight presence of mildew!

Take a look with your eyes in the picture below, the plants which have received Turan are visibly healthier and stronger 💪🏼

See you in the fall for final results!

June 18, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Importance of roots in plant growth

🌱 Roots are the main vehicle of water and nutrients in plants. This is why a correct root development is essential for the healthy growth of seedlings.
In these pictures you can see the results of a trial we have carried out in South America on wheat seeds together with one of our local partners. We have compared the results achieved thanks to our advanced bioactivating technology EnNuVi with the ones obtained through a traditional treatment.
📷 Have a look at the pictures to see with your eyes!
Plants treated with FertiGlobal’s dedicated Crop Management Program have developed much longer and thicker roots. This is the first sign of super healthy growth!
June 15, 2021
European video meeting

Sharing results on EnNuVi Technology

🇪🇺 At FertiGlobal, sharing results, collecting opinions and brainstorming within our international teams is really important!
Our European colleagues recently organized a video meeting to share and discuss the results achieved thanks to our worldwide patented EnNuVi technology.
EnNuVi is the beating heart of our #ENVisionProject, awarded and funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme. It’s already been two years since the start of the project and we’ve come a long way since then!
The efficacy of our EnNuVi has been tested on many crops in different European climate zones.
Trials have been a success! We are proving the ability of EnNuVi to make crops more resistant to external stress factors while reducing pesticides and water consumption. 💧
The meeting has been the perfect occasion to discuss the best distribution strategy of this advanced technology in Europe, so that farmers in every country can benefit from its amazing “vitality boost” on crops! 💪
Learn more on the ENVision Project on our dedicated web site!
June 8, 2021
Thanks to LIFE ENVision Project further formulations are tested

EnNuVi Turan on wine grapes and zucchini

Summer is finally around the corner here in Europe and we are more than ready to start a new important phase of our ENVision Project! 🇪🇺
This year we have set up the first large-scale trials of our patented bioactivating technology EnNuVi on new crops such as wine grapes and zucchini. 🍇🥒
We have provided Turan, one of the formulations of EnNuVi technology, to trial fields in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Italy and Slovenia.
The aim of these tests is to prove EnNuVi’s efficacy to
🔹 make plants more resilient to external stress factors, both pathogen and climatic
🔹 significantly reduce pesticide use and water consumption
🔹 enhance crop quality, increase productivity and improve soil fertility
The season is about to start: in a few months we will be ready to share the first results: stay tuned!
May 21, 2021
EnNuVi Technology on grapes in Brazil

How to harvest earlier than usual

Great news from Brazil! 🇧🇷
FertiGlobal’s local team has recently visited these beautiful vineyards to evaluate the effects of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi on table grapes. Results were even more positive than expected.
🍇 🍇 Grapes treated with EnNuVi have been harvested 1 week before compared to the plots who received the standard treatment!
Our bioactivating technology EnNuVi has given an extra boost of energy to the plant speeding up the growth and colouring of the fruits.
💧The area is highly humid in this period, so an earlier harvest will also guarantee better quality grapes.
These super purple and rich grapes are now ready to hit the market. 👏
May 17, 2021
Under LIFE ENVision Projects some field trials results form the Netherlands

Better tulips and Narcissus with EnNuVi Technology

🌷When you think of the Netherlands, beautiful tulip fields are definitely one of the first things that come to your mind.
Today we are taking you there!
We are currently carrying out an important field trial on Tulips and Narcissus aimed at proving the efficacy of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi on these flowers.
In July, at the end of the test, we will compare the results achieved by our EnNuVi with traditional crop protection treatments.
💪 For now, we can proudly say flowers treated with EnNuVi have grown profusely with no need of fungicides and pesticides: have a look at the pictures taken by FertiGlobal’s local team!
This trial is part of FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject funded by the 🇪🇺 European Union’s #LIFEprogramme.
You can learn more on this ambitious project on the official website: click here.
May 11, 2021
LIFE ENVision Project to support FertiGlobal’s innovative technology

ENhance, NUrture, VItalize: that’s EnNuVi

🟢 🔵 Enhancing the nutraceutical value of fruit and vegetables is among the main goals of FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject.
This means improving their overall beneficial effects for people’s health. For instance, increasing the amount of vitamins and their antioxidant action.
Our R&D team has recently analyzed the results of a trial conducted on tomato plants in Spain together with our partner Agricola2000. The aim of the test was to prove the ability of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi to improve the nutraceutical value of crops.
The trial has been a success!
🍅 Plants have grown healthy with 25/30% less water
🍅 Final yield was the same as plants treated with standard methods
🍅The nutraceutical value of tomatoes has significantly improved
Here’s our team with the ripe tomatoes received from Spain. 📷
➡️ Stay tuned for more updates on our #ENVisionProject awarded by the EU LIFE’s Programme.
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