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November 16, 2022
Field trials

Field trials in The Netherlands

Another exciting EnNuVi trial!

This time EnNuVi Tages is being trialled on an onion crop in the Netherlands.

This project has been set up with our partner, CEBECO-Agrifirm, to monitor the impact our cutting edge Crop Nutrition technology can have on the crop.


November 13, 2022
News from Scandinavia

Field trials in Denmark

Introducing EnNuVi to Scandinavia!

Take a look at our field trials in Denmark which include large-scale potato crops.

Proud to be working on these trials with great partners Aarhus University, Nordic Beet Research Foundation, and BJ-Agro.


October 10, 2022
Field trials information

Italian field trials are ON

So what is the LIFE ENVision project and how will it change the way agriculture can impact the environment?

Recently we got a tour in the Italian fields where we are conducting some trials to confirm the potential of EnNuVi Technology.

Very interesting to visit the grapevine trial in Puglia.

This trial is a collaboration with Agriproject-Group-srl, to see how EnNuVi Alpan can help to combat the challenge of rachis desiccation in grape crops.

We have also seen some great improvement within our current field demonstration trials on nectarine, apple, pear and grapevine. The trials with our field partners Fratelli Guerra in Emilia Romagna covering a range of crops and climatic conditions demonstrate the enviromental benefits of the EnNuVi Technology in terms of :

💧 reduction of the use of agri-chemicals and water supply

📈 increase of the soil fertility (as an indicator of reduced environmental impact)

✔ improvement of crop quality and production yield

We look forward to sharing trial results soon.

Semia and Ok on Banana India
August 25, 2022
News from India

Semia and OK give satisfaction in growing banana

🍌 Are you ready for a potassium boost?

We are in the South of India, in the Country’s second largest banana market located in Tamil Nadu. Our local team has been following a field trial to test Semia formulation, powered by #EnNuVi technology and OK solution, powered by Foliarel.

These banana plants tell us a lot about the benefits of this powerful combination of active ingredients:

🌿 broad and greener leaves

đŸ’Ș overall better plant health

📈 excellent growth

The farmers appreciated a significant decrease of infection of Sigatoka (banana leaf-spot disease) and a better resistance against abiotic stresses.

Agriculture of the futureÂ âžĄïžÂ here we come!

Semia and Ok on Banana India
Banana plant treated with Semia and Ok
Semia and Ok on Banana India
EnNuVi Semia and Foliarel Ok gave satisfaction in growing banana in India
Semia and Ok on Banana India
EnNuVi Semia and Foliarel Ok gave satisfaction in growing banana in India
alpan fight against drought stress
August 23, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan to reduce the use of water

Cutting-edge technology can be very helpful to farmers who are experiencing water shortages in their fields, helping to prolong plant life and prevent cell deterioration.

âžĄïž FertiGlobal #Alpan is a patented high analysis suspension fertilizer rich in Magnesium complexed by bioactive polyphenols. Its application makes it possible to reduce water consumption and reduce drought stresses in emergency situations.

Alpan is powered by EnNuVi Technology, the beating heart of Fertiglobal’s #ENVisionProject, awarded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme. Among the goals of the projects is to drastically reduce water consumption in agriculture by up to 30% 💧

alpan fight against drought stress
Alpan powered by EnNuVi Technology helps for a less use in water and to strenghten plants against drought stress
August 18, 2022
News from China

Good results on Tomato with EnNuVi Technology

🍅 Tomato is undoubtedly one of the most popular fruits in the world, both for fresh consumption and in processed products.

This crop is rather delicate and requires well-hydrated soils and a fairly dry climate: too much humidity can cause rot and stress throughout the plant, making it vulnerable to developing other diseases.

Through this short video below we fly to China, to hear from a local farmer the effect he could observe after applying  Mantus on his crops, in order to nourish tomato plants from within. This innovative solution, powered by #EnNuVi Technology, takes full advantage of the combined action of plant nutrients and bioactive polyphenols.

Satisfying results were not slow in coming, both in plants grown in direct sunlight and in greenhouse. The farmer hightlights:

đŸŒ±Â Excellent growth

đŸŒ±Â Lower incidence of diseases

đŸŒ±Â Stiff and strong stems

đŸŒ±Â Healthy and well-stretched leaves

August 2, 2022
News from China

Mantus is the solution for good results on cucumber

FertiGlobal stands out in the Far East!

Watch the full video to discover the beneficial effect of Mantus observed by our Chinese colleague Wangyu on a cucumber cropÂ đŸ„’.

We are in the greenhouse of one of our partners: last cultivations had a serious root rot issue, that forced the farmer to prematurely harvest the fruits. In addition, plants suffered of leaf spot disease, due to high temperatures and excessive seasonal humidity.

To avoid this problem, this year the farmer decided to apply Mantus: after just one month from picking the fruits, the results are promising:

âžĄïžÂ Better overall growth

🌿Thicker and glossier leaves

đŸ’ȘIncreased plant resistance

July 14, 2022
News from Germany

Satisfaction by using Mantus on red beet

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a flourishing red beet field?

Come with us to discover how it looks like!

We will get to know Gerhard, a passionate beet farmer, and his experience with Mantus, our patented suspension fertilizer powered by EnNuVi Technology.

Thanks to their rich concentration of minerals and vitamins, these colourful vegetables have remineralising and restorative properties. Not all red beets are the same: their nutrient content also depends on the growing conditions. As Gerhard explains, the application of Mantus has led to results that are also visible: the large, strong leaves and the healty tuber are a clear sign of a well nurtured plant.

This breakthrough solution is based on the complexation of bioactive polyphenols with plant nutrients: by activating and inducing the plants’ natural defences, Mantus supports the action of fungicides, increasing their effectiveness in controlling pathogens.

July 8, 2022
News from Morocco

EnNuVi Technology introduced in Morocco

Greetings from Morocco!

We have recently visited our partner AgriVivos in Agadir to present FertiGlobal’s latest patented technologies and explore how they can support local business.

From the climatic point of view, Morocco is diversified with several different microareas. EnNuVi Technology is particularly suited to this region, being able to meet a wide variety of specific issues.

Its formulation contains natural compounds that complex with nutrient elements for an optimal absorption.

Through the combination of polyphenols and other key nutrients, seedlings grow strong thanks to the bio activation of plant defences.

May 17, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Top production of blueberries in the sand

Blueberries in the sand đŸ«

It is mind-blowing to see that even areas with limited water access like the desert can become fertile soil for agriculture. This is one of the most amazing examples of how technology can support the work of farmers, adapting to local specific needs đŸ’Ș

These pictures show us a 300 hectares blueberry crop soon to reach almost double its size.

A very challenging environment to test FertiGlobal patented #EnNuVi Technology products together with some others in our portfolio.

Our crop management and nutrition program is helping farmers to obtain the maximum yield from plants. How? Nourishing and protecting bushes from within, even in a soil that is usually considered unsuitable for cultivation.


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