A meeting in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard

July 11, 2022
News from Peru

A meeting in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard

☀️ Under the sun of Peru

A picture of our Southern America’s team during a meeting with farmers, in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard.

Here are grown rich bunches of Red Globe, a variety of very large, seeded red table grapes 🍇.

In the past few years,  farmers of this region observed great benefits after the application of  FertiGlobal Ok and Colore technologies:

➡️ Colore is a nutritional supplement to help the crop survive during times of high stress, such as cold, drought or disease. It also stimulates the accumulation of sugars in both plant and fruit, increasing their color and size.

➡️ The high boron concentration of Ok reduces premature fruit drop and helps to maintain a fruit good appearance.

Next technology to be tested on these fields? 🔜 EnNuVi



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