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Folimac Colore Chile
August 4, 2022
Folimac Technology

Colore experience in Chile

Have you ever been in the fertile oasis of Azapa Valley?

If not, you can still come with us!

Northern Chile has a unique climate that allows the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Our colleagues Diego and Javier visited a local farmer to check the on-going results of the application of our technologies: you can see with your eyes how lush these fruits are!

#Colore, which stands out in the picture below, is a fully soluble NK fertllizer enriched with Sulfur and Boron, for promptly absorbed foliar sprays and fertigation. This fine-tuned combination powered by Folimac Technology stimulates the accumulation of sugars in plant and fruits, thus promoting growth and color intensity.

A balanced use of Colore, according to our personalized Crop Management Programmes, is a valuable ally to:

🌱 feed the plant with high qualitative nutrients

✖️ prevent nutrient deficiency

💪 decrease stress during critical growth stages

📈 improve crop yield

Choosing the right technologies can be crucial to enhance farmer’s efforts.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to receive more information!

Folimac Colore Chile
Colore powered by Folimac Technology gave great results in Azapa Valley
July 11, 2022
News from Peru

A meeting in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard

☀️ Under the sun of Peru

A picture of our Southern America’s team during a meeting with farmers, in a beautiful Peruvian vineyard.

Here are grown rich bunches of Red Globe, a variety of very large, seeded red table grapes 🍇.

In the past few years,  farmers of this region observed great benefits after the application of  FertiGlobal Ok and Colore technologies:

➡️ Colore is a nutritional supplement to help the crop survive during times of high stress, such as cold, drought or disease. It also stimulates the accumulation of sugars in both plant and fruit, increasing their color and size.

➡️ The high boron concentration of Ok reduces premature fruit drop and helps to maintain a fruit good appearance.

Next technology to be tested on these fields? 🔜 EnNuVi



May 30, 2022
Technology info

Folimac on kiwi for excellent growth

Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen: three essential macro-nutrients that nurture cultivated plants during the most challenging stages of their growth.

Providing seedlings with those elements means supporting their development, strengthening their natural defenses.

Environmental conditions are not always favourable and plants may need extra help: FertiGlobal‘s solutions stand by farmers to support their effort through cutting-edge technologies with high levels of adaptability to different types of territories and crops.

The following pictures have been taken in kiwi and avocado fields of one of our Argentinean partners.

Plants have achieved extraordinary vegetative growth, thanks to the application of our fertilizers, including Aureo powered by Folimac, an extraordinary source of essential nutrients.

July 8, 2021
From Azapa Valley

Our Technologies have landed in Chile

Welcome to Azapa Valley in Chile!

This land is a fascinating fertile oasis in the Atacama Desert, in northern Chile.

🌱 People here can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables thanks to the unique climate of the valley and the recent introduction of new cultivation technologies and farming methods.

Here one of our partners in the region is testing FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technologies Foliflo, EnNuVi and Folimac, on a wide variety of vegetables.

Look at this nice video made by our Argentine colleague! 🎥

Results are great: plants are growing strong and super green with a rich number of healthy fruits!

May 13, 2021
FertiGlobal’s Technology

Folimac Technology for a constant plant nutrition

The most crucial stages of plant growth require constant care and plenty of nutrients.
That’s when Folimac by FertiGlobal comes into action! This advanced technology combines nutrients with nitrogen, ensuring plants a long-lasting efficient nutrition during the most critical phases of their lifecycle.

As shown in this video, Folimac technology is a great ally for the healthy growth of the most diverse plants.
🔹Its action prevents the shortage of nutritive elements so ensuring a long-term nourishment
🔹It also protects the plant from external stress factors
🔹Also, this advanced technology has low chloride content and low risk of phytotoxicity, for an eco-friendly plant protective nutrition
You can learn more on FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technologies for sustainable agriculture on our web site.
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