Folistim Fortitudo

January 13, 2022
New solution

Folistim Fortitudo

A new cutting-edge technology is now part of FertiGlobal’s rich line up, ready to help farmers worldwide growing strong and healthy crops in the most sustainable way!

We are happy to present you Fortitudo, based on our Folistim technology.

Transplanting is a traumatic event for plants: roots have to adapt to the new characteristics of the soil such as different temperature, water and air availability. In this delicate phase, growth can come to a standstill and the plant may weaken and even die.

That’s where Fortitudo comes in!

The name of this rooting promoter comes from the latin word for “strenght”: thanks to its nutritional and biostimulating properties, this innovative product is a real powerhouse for plants, ensuring vigorous growth and supporting roots.

Look at the result of a trial that our R&D team has made on tomato plants: the photos speak for themselves!



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