The FertiGlobal difference 1

November 23, 2022
FertiGlobal four pillars
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 1

FertiGlobal is a fertiliser company with a difference. We’re committed to providing the world’s farmers with crop nutrition solutions that help them to farm more sustainably, more responsibly and more productively.

But what is that difference all about? How do we define what makes Fertiglobal special? In this four-part blog, we’ll share with you the ‘four pillars of FertiGlobal’ – what makes us tick, and why our products are more than ‘just another’ set of crop nutrition solutions…

We’ll start with Commercial: how we tackle our business and why we’re good at what we do.

We value our team

Behind every great business there’s a great team. FertiGlobal is no exception. Our philosophy has always been about having ‘boots on the ground’. That’s why we recruit highly qualified specialists to work in key geographies around the world. It’s these people who work closely with our carefully chosen distributors, spending time with them to understand the local challenges and their place within the global perspective. Only by hearing – first-hand – suggestions from our partners and growers can we translate them into viable – and sometimes novel – crop nutrition solutions.

We prioritise growth

With good products comes good business. We stand by our efforts to develop crop nutrition solutions that are based on sound science – recognising the essential role of nutrients and biostimulants, applying a full understanding of crop biochemistry and physiology, and focusing on the plant’s natural defence mechanisms. The result? Advanced crop management programmes that protect yield and assure quality, inspiring trust and loyalty to support our own customers’ businesses and grower relationships.

Flexibility works

We’ve built a smart and efficient global structure, where key figures around the world take responsibility for reacting to the challenges they find. We can answer every demand from the market, in quick time. This underpins our ambition: that FertiGlobal should be the ideal partner for every grower, every distributor – wherever they are in the world – in delivering a more sustainable agriculture.

Traceability means reliability

We’ve invested heavily in full-chain assurance. This means that every one of our crop nutrition solutions used on-farm by a FertiGlobal grower can be traced back, through every stage, to its raw materials. Our full confidence in our supply chain means full confidence for our growers and distributors in the provenance, quality and efficiency of every one of our products, wherever in the world it’s used.

Those are our Commercial values. Next time, we’ll look at how our marketing team supports our products to keep our distributors informed and our growers satisfied.

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