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April 26, 2023
Stop Food Waste Day

Fight food waste day with us!

It’s one of our most important resources, yet we waste or lose one-third of it.

When viewed at a global scale, the issue of food waste is not only on a par with the biggest topics of our day, but intricately connected with them: hunger and poverty, climate change, and health and wellbeing.

Most of all, it massively affects agriculture’s bold attempts to be sustainable: wasting food is a waste of the energy and resources involved in growing, harvesting, processing and preparing food for consumption. That’s why FertiGlobal is a staunch supporter of Stop Food Waste Day, held this year on Wednesday, 26 April.

Originally set up in 2017 by Compass Group USA, one of the leading foodservice companies, the day has become a global phenomenon with the intention to educate everyone involved in the food chain – that’s the planet’s entire human population – about the importance of adopting new attitudes and behaviours in our approach to food and the way we use it.

And while much of Stop Food Waste Day’s activities are directed further down the food chain – at chefs and industry leaders and food influencers and consumers – at FertiGlobal we’re determined to play our part in helping our farmers, those who produce our valued food, to get the most from their fields and their crops to help reduce food waste ‘at source’, as it were.

That’s because our products focus on protection. Soil, seed, plant, yield or farmer – our products are designed to offer protection from beginning to end of the crop life cycle, using our Total Crop Management philosophy.

Why is that important? Firstly, it’s the obvious: farmers want to ensure they get the most from their crop. It’s an investment from which they want the best return. Total Crop Management, with its holistic approach, looks at the crop’s entire lifecycle. Realising yield potential is dependent on optimising plant health: a healthy plant delivers not just a healthy yield, but a marketable yield. Because potatoes that are too small, or lettuces that are too ‘leggy’, might not even make it out of the field and certainly won’t get beyond the farm gate. That’s one of the first ‘stations’ on the route to wasting one-third of the food we produce.

Secondly, we recognise that for the produce that does make it beyond the farm gate, farmers can’t control what happens to it. Its fate is in someone else’s hands. But, by exercising their choice in product selection, they can invest beyond the farm gate. Shelf life, resistance to moulds, less susceptibility to damage during handling and processing – all these desirable characteristics are concurrent with a healthy plant that’s had its natural defence processes stimulated by our high quality, bioavailable compounds.

FertiGlobal products are an investment in the food chain. We’re helping to minimise food waste and, in so doing, bring about the more sustainable, more profitable and more productive approach to agriculture that will help alleviate those interconnected topics previously highlighted.

What can you do to raise awareness of food waste? What attitudes and behaviours can you change, either in yourself or in others? To find out more, and access all the resources and more inspiration, go to the Stop Food Waste Day website.

Fight Food Waste with us!

FertiGlobal ginger management in India
April 13, 2023
FertiGlobal’s difference

Ginger: the spicy cultigen

Ginger: what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this fragrant spice? One of the oldest spices known to man and used in different ways throughout the world, your ginger ‘preference’ – a drink, a cooked dish, baked goods, a snack, perhaps a medicine – will give a good indication of where in the world you come from.

Ginger’s been cultivated by humans for so long that, like staple crops such as wheat and maize, it’s become what’s known as a ‘cultigen’: a plant that’s been bred and domesticated into a form that doesn’t exist in the wild. And while ginger is still a relatively minor crop – annual production tops out at about 4.3 million tonnes – it’s considerably more plentiful than pepper, at around 750,000 tonnes, often said to be the world’s most popular spice.

What’s FertiGlobal’s interest in it? Well, most of the ginger grown in the world today – around 4.3 million tonnes – is grown in India. We’ve talked before about our fascination with this important agricultural country. Ginger’s just one of the many crops that contributes to India’s agricultural diversity and, with many of India’s farmers moving beyond the traditional ‘homestead’ farming practices, there’s a real appetite for adopting new and more productive practices.

Overhauling ginger’s agronomy is one such example. But we also like to demonstrate how, through our growing global network of partners and distributors, FertiGlobal is developing solutions and sharing knowledge about all crops, not just the half dozen or so that usually attract most of the attention.

Ginger’s also a great example of our total crop management approach: how we think about every crop throughout its lifecycle. With a preference for a warm and humid climate, ginger can be particularly susceptible to fungal diseases. But, as we know, a plant that has satisfied its nutritional requirements will be better placed to stimulate its own natural defence processes: in other words, a healthy plant will stay healthy.

For example, current agronomic practices in India often encourage use of toxic chemicals whose use in the EU is now banned, such as mancozeb; severely restricted, such as malathion; or which have never been licensed, such as the antibiotic streptocycline. While little of India’s ginger production ends up on the world market – despite being the largest producer, it’s only the seventh-largest exporter – if India is to realise its ambition to compete in agricultural markets worldwide, its farmers must abstain from using such outdated crop protection solutions.

That’s why, in conjunction with SCL Commercial India, we undertook trials last year to examine the effectiveness of Dinamico+Nixi on ginger. Good leaf growth, strong vigour, healthy leaves and improved productivity were the results – and all without using dangerous chemicals that pose risks to farmers, consumers and the soil itself.

It’s another great example of the FertiGlobal difference.


FertiGlobal four pillars
November 23, 2022
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 1

FertiGlobal is a fertiliser company with a difference. We’re committed to providing the world’s farmers with crop nutrition solutions that help them to farm more sustainably, more responsibly and more productively.

But what is that difference all about? How do we define what makes Fertiglobal special? In this four-part blog, we’ll share with you the ‘four pillars of FertiGlobal’ – what makes us tick, and why our products are more than ‘just another’ set of crop nutrition solutions…

We’ll start with Commercial: how we tackle our business and why we’re good at what we do.

We value our team

Behind every great business there’s a great team. FertiGlobal is no exception. Our philosophy has always been about having ‘boots on the ground’. That’s why we recruit highly qualified specialists to work in key geographies around the world. It’s these people who work closely with our carefully chosen distributors, spending time with them to understand the local challenges and their place within the global perspective. Only by hearing – first-hand – suggestions from our partners and growers can we translate them into viable – and sometimes novel – crop nutrition solutions.

We prioritise growth

With good products comes good business. We stand by our efforts to develop crop nutrition solutions that are based on sound science – recognising the essential role of nutrients and biostimulants, applying a full understanding of crop biochemistry and physiology, and focusing on the plant’s natural defence mechanisms. The result? Advanced crop management programmes that protect yield and assure quality, inspiring trust and loyalty to support our own customers’ businesses and grower relationships.

Flexibility works

We’ve built a smart and efficient global structure, where key figures around the world take responsibility for reacting to the challenges they find. We can answer every demand from the market, in quick time. This underpins our ambition: that FertiGlobal should be the ideal partner for every grower, every distributor – wherever they are in the world – in delivering a more sustainable agriculture.

Traceability means reliability

We’ve invested heavily in full-chain assurance. This means that every one of our crop nutrition solutions used on-farm by a FertiGlobal grower can be traced back, through every stage, to its raw materials. Our full confidence in our supply chain means full confidence for our growers and distributors in the provenance, quality and efficiency of every one of our products, wherever in the world it’s used.

Those are our Commercial values. Next time, we’ll look at how our marketing team supports our products to keep our distributors informed and our growers satisfied.

November 19, 2022
News from India

Our Indian partner awarded

India produces approx 1.7mt of chillis every year!

Which is probably why it was a hot topic at the farmer meet Raj Agritech Pvt. ltd. recently!

We were happy to join the proceedings and see progressive farmers receive awards for their work.

November 16, 2022
Field trials

Field trials in The Netherlands

Another exciting EnNuVi trial!

This time EnNuVi Tages is being trialled on an onion crop in the Netherlands.

This project has been set up with our partner, CEBECO-Agrifirm, to monitor the impact our cutting edge Crop Nutrition technology can have on the crop.


November 7, 2022
Philippine market

Bigay Tibay

Wishing our Philippine team Good Luck with their Crop Management programme launch Bigay Tibay (meaning Give strength, give stability, strong foundation).

The team met for their first face to face meeting last month and are excited to be launching four new FertiGlobal products to the market including Turan, Semia, Nemes and OK.


October 31, 2022
Field trials

Ginger plants treated with FertiGlobal Crop Management Program

Good leaf growth, strong vigour, healthy leaves and good productivity.

All evidence of the effectiveness of our products on this ginger plant trial in India.

Plants were treated with a combination of Dinamico+Nixi – and the results speak for themselves.


October 26, 2022
Customer visit

FertiGlobal met Raj Agritech in India

Great to meet with our partners Raj Agritech recently – check out this Soy bean field trial where Folimac Dolce+Foliflo Nixi were tested.

Great farmer satisfaction!

Results showed:

✅Excellent tolerance to biotic stress posed by yellow mosaic virus

✅Good vegetative growth

✅More pods per plant

October 23, 2022
Customer visit

FertiGlobal met Bom Futuro

We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with staff of Bom Futuro in Brazil last month to talk about EnNuVi technology products and present Rumis and Dolce to them – which came to the Brazilian market in 2021.

Bom Futuro is one of the largest grower groups in Brazil – producing 1.7m t grains and pulses and 300,000t raw cotton every year  (just one part of their multi-faceted enterprise).

As an organisation environmental protection and production quality are at the heart of their work and we were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with a group whose sustainability goals are so closely aligned with our own.

October 16, 2022

How FertiGlobal celebrates World Food Day

Join us today to celebrate World Food Day.

Fact: 3.1 billion people – almost 40% of the world’s population – cannot afford a healthy diet?

Each and every one of us can change how we consume food and make healthier choices, not just for ourselves but for our planet.

We need to build a sustainable world where everyone, everywhere has regular access to enough nutritious food.

FertiGlobal is dedicated to investing in innovation and technology to support and transform agrifood systems.

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