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world water day in FertiGlobal
March 22, 2023
World Water Day

When small steps become big steps

Any idea which industry is the world’s biggest user of fresh water?

No prize for guessing correctly that it’s agriculture. Whether we’re using it for cultivating crops, growing fresh fruit or raising livestock, our global agricultural industry consumes more than 70% of the world’s fresh water.

Growing food is a necessity, of course. But agriculture is competing for that resource – not least with the two billion people worldwide who don’t have access to fresh water supplies themselves.

This ‘water crisis’ lies behind the UN’s World Water Day initiative, held annually on 22 March. As the UN says, ‘dysfunction’ in the water cycle undermines progress on all major global issues, not just hunger and health but also gender equality, jobs, education, industry, natural disasters and preserving peace.

At FertiGlobal, we talk a lot about the importance of sustainability in agriculture: it’s one of the guiding principles that inspires our business. Yet we can’t pick and choose our approach to sustainability: agriculture relies on many natural resources. We can’t view it in isolation.

Water use, and availability, is a good example: Clean Water and Sanitation is the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6. As we’ve said before, FertiGlobal can’t solve these problems alone, but what we can do is to help farmers be at the centre of any process of change that involves natural resources. Agriculture’s use of water can be improved. We’re committed to helping farmers realise that improvement in resource use, and that is why we’re proud to support World Water Day.

Our own initiatives

We need to help our farmer customers face the challenges of modern agriculture. It’s why we’ve chosen the route of bioactives and advanced crop nutrition solutions.

We know that a healthy plant is a productive plant. So our products often focus on boosting the plant’s own defence systems. A healthy crop in the field allows farmers to reduce the use of chemicals, such as fungicides.

A healthy plant, with a well-functioning defence and immune system, also improves crop resilience. The UN recognises the importance of crop resilience for reducing water use: climate change will likely lead to reduced rainfall, shortened rain-fed growing seasons, and higher temperatures. Unchecked, all have the potential to cause an increase in the agricultural demand for water – but if, thanks to the use of bio-actives and other crop care products, we can improve crop resilience, then we may be able to allay that extra call on our precious water resources.

Technique also plays a part. Modern fertigation systems – in which many of our products are designed to be used – can help farmers make more efficient use of water, while improving crop yield and productivity.

Theory into practice

For example, let’s look at the results of a trial in maize, conducted by our R&D team to assess the effectiveness of one of our Foliflo Technology products, Rumis. This new generation fertiliser has been designed to support plant growth, particularly at times of external stress – such as when seedlings are transplanted, or when subject to less-than-prime water availability.

Containing the micronutrients boron and zinc, as well as biostimulant compounds derived from Ecklonia maxima, a variety of seaweed, Rumis is ideal for fertigation use (although we’ve also successfully used it in drone applications, too!). In the trial, Rumis’ effect on root development was clear, with:

  • faster growth
  • more biomass production, especially with fertigation application
  • improvement in all root parameters – weight, length, volume and surface

How can what appears to be a relatively small improvement – some better roots in maize – have any connection with World Water Day?

Two-fold: first, a more robust root system is a healthier root system. That’s beneficial in any crop. Healthier root systems mean healthier crops; healthier root systems mean more resilient crops during times of stress, such as drought. Healthy root systems mean crops can continue growing when soil moisture is less than optimal, reducing the need for artificial irrigation.

Second, sustainable agriculture is all about small steps and small improvements. But when there are nearly 600 million farms in the world, small steps suddenly become big steps. And if all of us are making those small steps, together we achieve a lot.

And that’s our objective at FertiGlobal: helping our customers be the change they wish to see in the world.

November 29, 2022
LIFE ENVision project

LIFE in agriculture with FertiGlobal

We know we’re not the only company in agriculture grappling with the challenges of 21st century food production, but we’re confident that our breakthrough technologies provide farmers with some of the best ways to tackle those issues: climate change, soil health and meeting the demand for more food.

And we’re not alone in thinking this: the European Union has selected FertiGlobal and its crop nutrition portfolio as a beneficiary of its LIFE funding programme. Created in 1992, LIFE is the EU’s initiative to support projects and technologies that benefit the environment and address climate issues.

Why fund FertiGlobal?

It’s our approach to agriculture that marks us out. Specifically, how we defined that approach. Early on, we decided that our research should focus on valid alternatives to the traditional use of pesticides.

Our starting position was the evidence that intensive crop nutrition gives crops the best protection against all kinds of harm: pests, diseases, abiotic stress. To that, we added our new Crop Management Vision: that crop management needs a long-term view and a holistic methodology.

The introduction of EnNuVi

Our worldwide patented biostimulant technology was recognised by the LIFE programme for its ability to trigger and control plants’ defence and resistance systems. An acronym of Enhance, Nurture, Vitalize, EnNuVi solutions work by providing all the nutrients the plant needs to grow, leaving it healthy, strong and capable of realising its yield potential. The combination of active polyphenols with selected natural ingredients that’s characteristic of all EnNuVi crop nutrition products can significantly reduce both pesticide use and water consumption.

What makes EnNuVi special?

The traditional model of crop nutrition revolves around the roots: that it’s the roots that matter. We don’t dispute that; we just say that a crop cannot live by root nutrition alone. Appropriate foliar nutrition is also essential if farmers are to ensure robust crop growth and high-level, high-quality yields. What’s more, by delivering effective foliar fertilisation in conjunction with an appropriate soil-based fertiliser programme, farmers can pursue our new Crop Management Vision with confidence.

Our vision? Sustainable agriculture

Reducing farming’s impact on the environment is a central tenet of FertiGlobal’s philosophy; that, and opening opportunities for farmers to deliver productive, high-yielding, high-quality outputs, whether that’s cereals, root crops, vegetables or fruit. Our advanced technologies, coupled with our dedicated technical services, help farmers pursue the Crop Management Vision while reducing pesticide volumes and their input costs.

It’s for this reason – our relentless focus on the environment, and a sustainable form of agriculture – that has seen our long-term vision rewarded by the EU. Our approach chimes with the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy and its long-term ambition to slash pesticide use by 50% by 2030.

We’re proud of our LIFE recognition, not just because it confirms and vindicates our position on sustainable agriculture, but because it means we can bring that same LIFE philosophy to farmers and growers around the world.


FertiGlobal four pillars
November 23, 2022
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 1

FertiGlobal is a fertiliser company with a difference. We’re committed to providing the world’s farmers with crop nutrition solutions that help them to farm more sustainably, more responsibly and more productively.

But what is that difference all about? How do we define what makes Fertiglobal special? In this four-part blog, we’ll share with you the ‘four pillars of FertiGlobal’ – what makes us tick, and why our products are more than ‘just another’ set of crop nutrition solutions…

We’ll start with Commercial: how we tackle our business and why we’re good at what we do.

We value our team

Behind every great business there’s a great team. FertiGlobal is no exception. Our philosophy has always been about having ‘boots on the ground’. That’s why we recruit highly qualified specialists to work in key geographies around the world. It’s these people who work closely with our carefully chosen distributors, spending time with them to understand the local challenges and their place within the global perspective. Only by hearing – first-hand – suggestions from our partners and growers can we translate them into viable – and sometimes novel – crop nutrition solutions.

We prioritise growth

With good products comes good business. We stand by our efforts to develop crop nutrition solutions that are based on sound science – recognising the essential role of nutrients and biostimulants, applying a full understanding of crop biochemistry and physiology, and focusing on the plant’s natural defence mechanisms. The result? Advanced crop management programmes that protect yield and assure quality, inspiring trust and loyalty to support our own customers’ businesses and grower relationships.

Flexibility works

We’ve built a smart and efficient global structure, where key figures around the world take responsibility for reacting to the challenges they find. We can answer every demand from the market, in quick time. This underpins our ambition: that FertiGlobal should be the ideal partner for every grower, every distributor – wherever they are in the world – in delivering a more sustainable agriculture.

Traceability means reliability

We’ve invested heavily in full-chain assurance. This means that every one of our crop nutrition solutions used on-farm by a FertiGlobal grower can be traced back, through every stage, to its raw materials. Our full confidence in our supply chain means full confidence for our growers and distributors in the provenance, quality and efficiency of every one of our products, wherever in the world it’s used.

Those are our Commercial values. Next time, we’ll look at how our marketing team supports our products to keep our distributors informed and our growers satisfied.

November 7, 2022
Philippine market

Bigay Tibay

Wishing our Philippine team Good Luck with their Crop Management programme launch Bigay Tibay (meaning Give strength, give stability, strong foundation).

The team met for their first face to face meeting last month and are excited to be launching four new FertiGlobal products to the market including Turan, Semia, Nemes and OK.


October 23, 2022
Customer visit

FertiGlobal met Bom Futuro

We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with staff of Bom Futuro in Brazil last month to talk about EnNuVi technology products and present Rumis and Dolce to them – which came to the Brazilian market in 2021.

Bom Futuro is one of the largest grower groups in Brazil – producing 1.7m t grains and pulses and 300,000t raw cotton every year  (just one part of their multi-faceted enterprise).

As an organisation environmental protection and production quality are at the heart of their work and we were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with a group whose sustainability goals are so closely aligned with our own.

June 22, 2022
New sustainable project

L’orto della Tradizione

A new exciting project is blooming 🌷

In collaboration with the jail La Fortezza in Volterra, we are opening “L’orto della Tradizione”, an area of around 2,000 m2 to grow vegetables and to test new solutions for sustainable agriculture, giving the participants the opportunity to take part in the research project.

In these weeks they are preparing the soil and transplanting cucumber plants for a test on Folistim Onda, one of our brand new solutions.

The initiative has a strong social vocation: working side by side on a common project, in connection with nature, promotes the development of interpersonal bonds and integration.

A special thanks to Blumen Group Spa, COMPO Italia, Hozelock, Orto Mio and Verdemax who supported the activity with their technologies and technical advice.

January 18, 2022

Zero hunger and Climate action

“Zero hunger” and “Climate Action” are some of the most urgent sustainable development goals, according to the UN 2030 Agenda.

The agricultural sector is definitely a crucial segment if we want to change our future for the better.

Today, modern agriculture has to face a number of challenging issues: on one side the dramatic effects of climate change, on the other the severe soil pollution caused by  the extensive use of pesticides and – last but not least – a growing demand for food due to a constantly increasing world population.

This is why FertiGlobal’s R&D has focused on the need for valid alternatives to the traditional use of pesticides.

Our #EnNuVi technology is the latest result of our in-depht studies: a savvy combination of bioactive polyphenols with selected natural ingredients, able to enhance plant growth from seed germination to maturity, boost its resistance to abiotic stress conditions and enlarge its life cycle.

The value of our EnNuVi technology has been recognized and awarded by the European Union, that is supporting the project within its LIFE Programme.

Visit our web site to learn more: https://ferti.global/lifeenvision

June 23, 2021
Biotechnologies at university

Meeting with the new generation of sustainable agriculture professionals

➡️ FertiGlobal meets the next generations of sustainable agriculture professionals!
We recently had the pleasure to take part in a very interesting multi-voice webinar in collaboration with the Faculty of Biotechnologies of the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to introduce students to the many challenging career options they can choose in the agriculture industry.
As you know, at FertiGlobal’s R&D hub in Larderello a young team of scientists, including biotechnologists and agronomists, are developing cutting edge crop nutrition technologies, actively contributing to a radical change of the global agriculture sector.
We are happy to give young students who are willing to specialize in Agricultural Research a concrete proof of the huge contribution they can give to the sector and to our Planet as a whole. 🌍🙏
Click here in the first comment to learn more on the Faculty!
June 11, 2021
Crop Nutrition Technologies

6 good reasons to choose FertiGlobal

➡️ Making global agriculture more sustainable requires a concrete commitment from all agribusiness players to embrace this big change.
This is why today reducing pesticides and promoting new eco-friendly alternatives for crop nutrition needs to be a top priority.

🤝 Partnering with a highly qualified and reliable company is essential for fertilizer resellers and distributors to make this evolution towards new sustainable solutions a real success.

📖 In this brief guide we tell you why FertiGlobal is the right partner to choose for a successful, modern and sustainable Agribusiness: FertiGlobal – 6 good reasons

February 17, 2021
Pernambuco, the Brazilian region for grapes

EnNuVi Technology on grapes

There’s no better way to show the power of FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology than seeing it in action!
Look at this beautiful vineyard in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco! 🍇
Here, together with one of our partners in the region, FertiGlobal’s local team is holding technical meetings directly on-field. In this way, farmers have the chance to see the super positive effects of our EnNuVi technology on crops and benefit from the expert advice of our Brazilian team.
The audience was amazed to find out how grapes have coped with typical seasonal diseases thanks to EnNuVi’s ‘energy boost’.
These beautiful bunches are the proof! 👏
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