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June 22, 2022
New sustainable project

L’orto della Tradizione

A new exciting project is blooming 🌷

In collaboration with the jail La Fortezza in Volterra, we are opening “L’orto della Tradizione”, an area of around 2,000 m2 to grow vegetables and to test new solutions for sustainable agriculture, giving the participants the opportunity to take part in the research project.

In these weeks they are preparing the soil and transplanting cucumber plants for a test on Folistim Onda, one of our brand new solutions.

The initiative has a strong social vocation: working side by side on a common project, in connection with nature, promotes the development of interpersonal bonds and integration.

A special thanks to Blumen Group Spa, COMPO Italia, Hozelock, Orto Mio and Verdemax who supported the activity with their technologies and technical advice.

January 18, 2022

Zero hunger and Climate action

“Zero hunger” and “Climate Action” are some of the most urgent sustainable development goals, according to the UN 2030 Agenda.

The agricultural sector is definitely a crucial segment if we want to change our future for the better.

Today, modern agriculture has to face a number of challenging issues: on one side the dramatic effects of climate change, on the other the severe soil pollution caused by  the extensive use of pesticides and – last but not least – a growing demand for food due to a constantly increasing world population.

This is why FertiGlobal’s R&D has focused on the need for valid alternatives to the traditional use of pesticides.

Our #EnNuVi technology is the latest result of our in-depht studies: a savvy combination of bioactive polyphenols with selected natural ingredients, able to enhance plant growth from seed germination to maturity, boost its resistance to abiotic stress conditions and enlarge its life cycle.

The value of our EnNuVi technology has been recognized and awarded by the European Union, that is supporting the project within its LIFE Programme.

Visit our web site to learn more: https://ferti.global/lifeenvision

June 23, 2021
Biotechnologies at university

Meeting with the new generation of sustainable agriculture professionals

➡️ FertiGlobal meets the next generations of sustainable agriculture professionals!
We recently had the pleasure to take part in a very interesting multi-voice webinar in collaboration with the Faculty of Biotechnologies of the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to introduce students to the many challenging career options they can choose in the agriculture industry.
As you know, at FertiGlobal’s R&D hub in Larderello a young team of scientists, including biotechnologists and agronomists, are developing cutting edge crop nutrition technologies, actively contributing to a radical change of the global agriculture sector.
We are happy to give young students who are willing to specialize in Agricultural Research a concrete proof of the huge contribution they can give to the sector and to our Planet as a whole. 🌍🙏
Click here in the first comment to learn more on the Faculty!
June 11, 2021
Crop Nutrition Technologies

6 good reasons to choose FertiGlobal

➡️ Making global agriculture more sustainable requires a concrete commitment from all agribusiness players to embrace this big change.
This is why today reducing pesticides and promoting new eco-friendly alternatives for crop nutrition needs to be a top priority.

🤝 Partnering with a highly qualified and reliable company is essential for fertilizer resellers and distributors to make this evolution towards new sustainable solutions a real success.

📖 In this brief guide we tell you why FertiGlobal is the right partner to choose for a successful, modern and sustainable Agribusiness: FertiGlobal – 6 good reasons

February 17, 2021
Pernambuco, the Brazilian region for grapes

EnNuVi Technology on grapes

There’s no better way to show the power of FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology than seeing it in action!
Look at this beautiful vineyard in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco! 🍇
Here, together with one of our partners in the region, FertiGlobal’s local team is holding technical meetings directly on-field. In this way, farmers have the chance to see the super positive effects of our EnNuVi technology on crops and benefit from the expert advice of our Brazilian team.
The audience was amazed to find out how grapes have coped with typical seasonal diseases thanks to EnNuVi’s ‘energy boost’.
These beautiful bunches are the proof! 👏
January 25, 2021
Presentation at University of Milan (Italy)

Life ENVision Project to the Biotechnology students

📖 Our R&D Manager Valentina Ciccolini recently had the pleasure to present our LIFE ENVision Project to the Biotechnology students of the University of Milan (Italy) during a dedicated lecture.
As you know, the European Union has rewarded FertiGlobal’s long-term vision aimed at mitigating the environmental footprint of agriculture while supporting higher yield productivity thanks to our worldwide patented bioactivating technology EnNuVi®.
This is why we have been invited to introduce our project to the students.
Connecting with the new generation of scientists and starting an open debate with them has been truly inspiring!
Raising awareness on the challenges of modern agriculture among young students is extremely important for our mission. That’s what #SowingForTheFuture of agriculture really means! 💪 🌱
January 7, 2021
News from ENVision project

Potato field trial in Germany

A new update on FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject on-field tests!
🇩🇪 In Germany our R&D team has recently carried out a new trial on potato plants.
🥔🥔 The test was aimed at proving the ability of our patented bioactivating technology EnNuVi to support plants against Phytopthora, a common fungus affecting potato crops.
Potato plants treated with our EnNuVi Technology have developed a better reaction to the fungus compared to the ones treated with fungicides only.
🍃 Disease control efficacy was 7% more effective
🥔 The final yield has been better in terms of quantity as well, with +1.3 tons compared to the ‘standard practice’!
Stay tuned for more results from our on-field trial session!
December 17, 2020
Info about an important parameters in agriculture


Have you ever heard of ‘Nutraceuticals’? This word is a combination of ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’ and describes all foods providing proven health benefits when eaten/absorbed.
🍇 Grape is one of these foods. Its berries are a natural source of polyphenols, which are precious organic micronutrients with antioxidants and potential health benefits. Just like a small pharmacy right at our disposal for most of the year!
Well, in the labs of FertiGlobal’s tech hub in Larderello our R&D team has been carrying out a very interesting experiment. 👨‍🔬
After an in-depht testing phase, they have proven the ability of our biostimulant technology EnNuVi to increase the nutraceutical value of grape crops.
Thanks to the combination of EnNuVi with the standard fertilizing practice in the vineyard, the amount of polyphenols in grape berries gets 25% higher and the overall antioxidant power improves by more than 55%.
This is another important step for our LIFE ENVision Project. Stay tuned to learn more about this test all the other trials we are carrying out with the aim of changing the global agriculture sector for the better!
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