Labs of FertiGlobal’s hub in Larderello

June 26, 2020
Light overexposure, high temperatures, water deficiency, high salinity levels in the soil: these are just some of the main oxidative stress factors that can affect plants.
In the labs of FertiGlobal’s hub in Larderello, our R&D team is constantly carrying out dedicated trials aimed at proving the efficacy of our fertilizing technologies against this type of issues.
Here’s Chiara, a young and talented Plant Physiologist graduated with honours in Biotechnology. In this picture she is analyzing the physiological parameters of plants through in-depth testing: this is an essential phase to fine-tune and validate our product prototypes.
Thanks to advanced devices for spectrophotometric analysis and diagnostic imaging, Chiara can monitor the presence of oxidative damages on plants.
Here she is conducting a specific test aimed at proving the anti-oxidant action of our plant nutrition solutions. Their ability to effectively reduce the production of free radicals is one of the most important feature of our technology. This why constant monitoring and measurement of the results helps us to achieve the best formulations.
We are more than proud of the constant commitment of our multidisciplinary R&D team composed by young, passionate talents!