Our Foliflo technology

June 23, 2020

Foliar nutrition is the main focus of FertiGlobal’s rich range of crop nutrition and biostimulant technologies. Here, high analysis suspensions are definitely one of our flagship solutions.
Our Foliflo technology allows the formulation by either single or multiple plant nutrients. These exclusive formulations are designed to support the growth of the most diverse plants at every stage of their lifecycle, based on their specific needs.
The particles composing our high analysis suspensions are extremely small – 60% less than 10 µm! – in order to guarantee the best nutrient uptake from the leaf tissues.
The Foliflo technology provides the crop with the right amount of nutrients with no losses for a perfect biostimulant action, with negligible phytotoxicity risk and no stress for the low salinity index.
In this way, Foliflo provides a steady and lasting supply of highly concentrated nutrients to the plant, ensuring its best growth and naturally protecting it from external stress factors!