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October 5, 2021
Field trials

EnNuVi on potato in The Netherlands

A new update from the Netherlands, where we are carrying out a special on-field trial on potato plants.

The aim of the test is to prove the ability of FertiGlobal’s  EnNuVi technology to help plants better reacting to external stress factors. The heavy rains of last year, in fact, have made these plants weaker and less resistant to typical seasonal diseases.

➡️ Have a look at these impressive photos showing the first results achieved thanks to EnNuVi.

These pictures tell us a lot about the extraordinary power of our ecofriendly plant nutrition technology. The difference is stunning: leaves are visibly greener and stronger.

We can’t wait to see the healthy and tasty potatoes that are about to grow.🥔


January 7, 2021
News from ENVision project

Potato field trial in Germany

A new update on FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject on-field tests!
🇩🇪 In Germany our R&D team has recently carried out a new trial on potato plants.
🥔🥔 The test was aimed at proving the ability of our patented bioactivating technology EnNuVi to support plants against Phytopthora, a common fungus affecting potato crops.
Potato plants treated with our EnNuVi Technology have developed a better reaction to the fungus compared to the ones treated with fungicides only.
🍃 Disease control efficacy was 7% more effective
🥔 The final yield has been better in terms of quantity as well, with +1.3 tons compared to the ‘standard practice’!
Stay tuned for more results from our on-field trial session!
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