Everybody knows the great and tasty citrus fruits: orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, and clementine, and maybe even the rarer bergamot, pomelo, tangelo, kumquat, and yuzu. Since ancient times these plants have been cultivated, domesticated, and used by humans.

The genus Citrus spp. L is native to Southeast Asia. These plants are large shrubs or small to moderate-sized trees, reaching 5 to 15 m (16 to 49 ft) tall, with spiny shoots and alternately arranged evergreen leaves. The large citrus fruit of today evolved originally from small, edible berries over millions of years. Citrus trees are not generally frost hardy. The trees thrive in a consistently sunny, humid environment with fertile soil and adequate rainfall or irrigation.

At any age, citrus trees grow well enough with infrequent irrigation in partial shade, but the fruit crop is smaller. They do not drop leaves except when stressed. The trees flower in spring, and fruit is set shortly afterward. Fruit begins to ripen in fall or early winter, depending on cultivar, and develops increasing sweetness afterward.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, world production of all citrus fruits is around 120 million tons per year, with about half of this production as oranges – production led by Brazil, China, the United States, the European Union, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico and Morocco.

FertiGlobal: supporting citrus cultivation management through every growing stage, strengthening the plants and increasing productivity with plant nutrition and bio-activating technologies.

Crop Management Program Citrus

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For a strong, healthy and productive CITRUS cultivation

the effective plant fine-tune Technology for stronger and healthier growth, improving the efficiency of plant protection products for best performance

the high analysis suspension Technology safe, steady, and lasting supply of high concentrated plant nutrients to assure availability when most needed Technology for sustained healthy growth and crop development

the Boron at its best Technology applied to formulations ranging from highsoluble Boron to plant nutrients combined into a single molecule to safeguard crop productivity through well developed plants and flower fertility

the advanced biological shield Technology to strengthen natural actions against pathogens by stimulating insecticide and repellent effects in crop plants

the Nitrogen at its best Technology offering plants a constant supply of nutrients throughout the most demanding growth stages by combining essential elements with Nitrogen to strengthen the natural defenses of crop plants

the chelation Technology essential plant nutrients formulated for easy and quick plant uptake, improving their natural ability to recover and protect from nutrient deficiency stress

the efficiency Technology promoting and enhancing plant uptake and assimilation of all foliar applied products protecting the investment and environment through effective loss reductions

the plant defense Technology nutrient polyphenolic compounds to enhance the performance of plant nutrients, nurturing, vitalizing, bioactivating defense processes and protecting the plants for stronger, healthier growth and development


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