EnNuVi results on grapevines

October 27, 2020

➡️ A new update on FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject on-field tests!

We are happy to share the results of a demo trial organized in collaboration with Agricola 2000.

FertiGlobal’s R&D team have tested the ability of our patented biostimulant technology EnNuVi to improve the efficacy of standard fungicides on grapevines. ?

The results have proved us right!
Plants treated with EnNuVi in combination with standard fertilizers have grown healthier developing more resistance to typical seasonal diseases such as mildew.

? Watch a brief interview to our Agronomic Specialist @Lorenzo to get more details about this successful trial!

You can learn more on FertiGlobal’s award-winning #ENVisionProject on the dedicated website. Click here!

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