Philippines: the rice yield has improved by more than 20%

July 6, 2020

Supporting farmers in growing their crops in the healthiest way is our passion, but sharing our mission towards sustainable agriculture with them is even better!

That’s the case with one of FertiGlobal’s partners in the Philippines.
This company has always believed in the importance of improving plant productivity through sustainable methods, providing high-quality, healthy food to the local community.

Just like us, they believe caring for people and protecting the environment are two matching objectives.

Here’s their rice field, where they have conducted a very successful trial of FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition solutions. Right after the first application, the results were clear: the rice yield has improved by more than 20% – which in this case is equal to almost 1 Ton more – compared with their traditional practice.

When sustainable methods bring significant yield results as well, the game is done!