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February 25, 2022
News from Chile

Training with cherry growers

Every small step is not so small when seen from a broader perspective.

➡️ Moving towards a more respectful agriculture is one of the strongest and more forward-looking ways to build a better future. To turn this ambitious goal into reality, we need a concrete commitment from all agribusiness players, embracing together a real and sustainable change.

Here we are in the Cauquenes area, during a training activity that our Chilean local team has organized for cherry growers, with the collaboration of our distributor EyZ Agro. During the meeting we explained how FertiGlobal’s cutting-edge crop nutrition technologies can support farmers to grow healthier plants, with less pesticides and a reduced water consumption.

We strongly believe in moments of sharing, in and out of the field, where we can meet farmers, clients and partners and listen to their needs and experiences.

November 9, 2021
News from India

Training session in India

Great dreams need a great team 🙌

FertiGlobal’s Indian staff has organized a special technical training session with our local partner Raj Agri Tech, active in many different areas of the Country. These moments of sharing are essential to fully understand the potential of FertiGlobal’s advanced solutions for growers.

Winter is around the corner and crops need an extra support to grow healthy and strong despite the difficult weather conditions. Ensuring long-term nourishment is crucial to protect plants and reinforce them from the inside.

We can’t wait to come back to you with the results obtained on fields by these farmers, stay tuned!


July 15, 2021
New partnership in India

Trainings for Indian partners

🎉 Great news from India!

The Fertiglobal family is ever growing and we are happy to welcome new strategic partners from Indian States of Punjab and Karnataka.

Our Indian local team has organized a special technical training session to help the new members of the team better understanding the potential of FertiGlobal solutions.

🌱 We will soon get back to you to show the amazing results they will achieve thanks to our dedicated Crop Management Programs.

We are so proud to work with wonderful people from all over the world and spread together a more sustainable agriculture 💪

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