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August 18, 2022
News from China

Good results on Tomato with EnNuVi Technology

🍅 Tomato is undoubtedly one of the most popular fruits in the world, both for fresh consumption and in processed products.

This crop is rather delicate and requires well-hydrated soils and a fairly dry climate: too much humidity can cause rot and stress throughout the plant, making it vulnerable to developing other diseases.

Through this short video below we fly to China, to hear from a local farmer the effect he could observe after applying  Mantus on his crops, in order to nourish tomato plants from within. This innovative solution, powered by #EnNuVi Technology, takes full advantage of the combined action of plant nutrients and bioactive polyphenols.

Satisfying results were not slow in coming, both in plants grown in direct sunlight and in greenhouse. The farmer hightlights:

🌱 Excellent growth

🌱 Lower incidence of diseases

🌱 Stiff and strong stems

🌱 Healthy and well-stretched leaves

April 27, 2022
News from India

EnNuVi Technology on tomato for great results

When farmers can count on the most advanced fertilizing solutions, dedication and commitment lead to extraordinary results.

These pictures have been taken during a follow up of a field trial in Madanpalle, the famous Indian tomato market.

Local crops have been treated with Mantus, powered by EnNuVi Technology: the trial highlighted a significant management of abiotic and biotic stress.

This tomato crop is telling us a lot about its health status, thanks to the eye-catching effects of #EnNuVi in action, we can observe:

💪 Strong stems

🌿 Broad and green leaves

🍅 Vigorous flowering and fruit settings, meaning better fruit load

November 16, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

EnNuVi improves also the water use efficiency

Welcome to the special greenhouse of FertiGlobal’s cutting-edge R&D hub in Larderello (Italy).

Here, our passionate team of young scientists is constantly committed to develop innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.

This is the mission at the heart of our #ENVisionProject, awarded and funded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme.

📷 🍅 These photos show one of the trials we have carried out last summer, focused on a local tomato variety: ‘costoluto fiorentino’

The aim was to test the effectiveness of our EnNuVi technology in growing strong, healthy plants with 30% less water.

Results have been very positive: have a look at the beautiful, red tomatoes in the box.

Imagine being able to reach great results in terms of productivity and quality while significantly reducing water consumption. Isn’t it great?


December 28, 2020
How to treat with FertiGlobal’s Technology

EnNuVi in action on tomato

EnNuVi in action!
🍅🍅 The Brazilian tomato farming season is currently in full swing.
This video shot by our technical on-field expert Ricardo shows our local partner treating plants with FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi technology spraying our solutions directly on the leaves.
FertiGlobal’s patented biostimulant technology has already shown its power here: plants are super healthy and fruits have grown profusely.
Let’s see the effects of this new treatment while we wait for harvest time!
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