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July 21, 2022
News from India

Helping Indian farmers to reach abundant harvests

🌿 Our technologies in action in Indian fields

From North to South, from East to West, our local team is at the side of Indian farmers helping them to protect their hard work and convert it into abundant harvests.

Throughout the year, we conduct field trials on a wide range of crops, in completely different climatic regions, benchmarking results with traditional practices.

Our database keeps growing: among the latest cultivations we have tested eggplant, banana, melon and okra – a vegetable also known as “lady’s fingers”.

This is the best way to prove that a well-nourished plant is also a stronger plant, bringing bigger and more nutricious fruits!

April 8, 2022
News from the company

FertiGlobal awards 2021

Let’s celebrate the passion and uniqueness of our people!

Every professional who is part of our reality contributes with commitment to the successful development and diffusion of a sustainable and respectful agriculture.

Day after day we are achieving amazing results and all this would not be possible without the irreplaceable talent and determination of each of our colleagues.

For this reason, last month the Fertiglobal Awards 2021 ceremony took place: it has been so exciting to reward FertiGlobal’s people for their decisive support in significantly spreading our technologies all around the world.

To all of you we’d like to say congratulations, we are so grateful to have you in our global family!

March 29, 2022
News from India

Super colourful flowers with FertiGlobal Technologies

Cultivation means caring, day after day, for life. And then life blossoms, giving us colour and beauty.

Today we take you with us to the city of Bangalore, in the Southern part of India. In synergy with one of our local partners, we are meeting farmers to promote the use of sustainable technologies. Farmers who have tried our solutions have given us great feedback, observing extraordinary effects in protected cultivations of flowers like Gerbera and Chrysanthemum.

Flowers instill joy, sense of celebration and vitality, being at the same time an icon of delicacy. These colorful crops show of the power of FertiGlobal’s Technologies in boosting growth, while triggering plant defense systems and resistance.

We have also taken the opportunity to hold a technical training session, spreading the best practice and showing to Indian growers the “super colorful” results obtainable with innovative eco-frendly formulations.

Let’s grow together in innovation!


January 5, 2022

All begins from chemistry

Chemistry: this is where it all begins.

Here’s a picture from FertiGlobal’s R&D lab in Tuscany (Italy). Here our passionate team of scientists is always at work to develop and constantly improve our advanced bioactivating technologies for sustainable agriculture.

On these shelves are some of the key formulations developed by our researchers. In the lab we design and produce different biostimulant prototypes, savvy mixing and matching ingredients. Then, in our special growth chamber and greenhouse we test our solutions on crops so that we can analyze and adjust them until they are ready for large scale production.

This is how we constantly innovate our product line up with the aim of making global agriculture more sustainable every day.


December 14, 2021
News from Chile

FertiGlobal at Agroazapa Expo and Strawberry Expo 2021

➡️ Providing our best expert support to our clients all over the world is one of our top priorities.

Here’s Javier, our Area Manger in Chile. He has attended two important exhibitions in the Country together with our local partners: Agroazapa Expo and Strawberry Expo 2021.

The exhibitions have been the perfect occasion to present the many benefits of FertiGlobal’s bioactivating solutions on the most diverse crops.

We are happy be finally able to attend live events and meet our clients face to face.

Both events have been a success!

November 25, 2021
News from Dubai

FertiGlobal Technologies in vertical farming

🔜 A new exciting project is about to start in Dubai.

Our partner in the Country will use FertiGlobal’s bioactivating technologies to grow strawberries in hydroponic vertical farming 🍓!

This kind of agriculture allows a more efficient use of space together with significant water savings and a more efficient plant feeding.

We are so pleased to support partners that share our same drive towards constant innovation for a better future 🌱

Stay tuned to have updates.

November 4, 2021
Brazilian news

Advanced bioactivating technologies for vineyards

☀️Farming fields are definitively one of our favorite working places!

The expert live support we provide to partners and clients all over the world allows us to discuss with growers and understand their actual needs.

Here we are in Brazil, in the beautiful Vale do São Francisco. The production of wine is a crucial economic activity for the region.

🍇 Look at these grapes: the application of our advanced bioactivating technologies has reinforced and nurtured these vineyards, supporting their development along the entire lifecycle.

Another visible proof that sustainable agriculture doesn’t mean reducing yields!

March 3, 2021
Curiosities from the world

The Apple town in India

Do you know there’s a place in India known as the Apple Town? 🍎🍎🍎
It is the city of Sopore in Northern Kashmir, where the second largest fruit wholesale market in Asia is held.
February and March are crucial months for local apple farmers: it’s time to clean the orchard, prune plants and start the first applications of fertilizing solutions.
FertiGlobal has made sure the Indian farming season can begin in the best way for our main partner operating in the region! 💪
Our advanced bioactivating technologies have been delivered right on time and our local team has visited the apple orchards together with our partner. They have had the chance to provide farmers expert advice on the best timing and application rates of our solutions.
Good luck to our Indian friends for the upcoming season!
➡️ We will keep you posted with new updates, make sure you follow this page so you won’t miss them.
December 30, 2020
Wishes for a healthy and joyful new year

Goodbye to 2020

⏰ We are almost ready to say goodbye to 2020!
This has been, without any doubt, a tough and challenging year for everybody. But as we know, nature never stops, even during the hardest times. 🌱🌱
This is why we have never ceased to support farmers all over the world growing stronger and healthier plants thanks to our advanced, eco-friendly technologies!
So if we managed to make them happy for the results they have achieved this year, we can say our biggest mission has been accomplished.
Happy new year to you all! May your 2021 be filled with good health and joy! ✨✨
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