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February 27, 2023
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 3

What makes FertiGlobal different? It’s time we turned to the third instalment in our series, and this time we put our research and development capabilities under the microscope.

We talk a lot about R&D at FertiGlobal. But that’s because we’re not just a company with a focus on R&D – instead, it’s our whole raison d’etre. The entire FertiGlobal concept – the appropriate application of technology to bring about measurable changes in farm practices that benefit people and planet – relies on exemplary R&D.

Let’s look at what’s involved in the third pillar of FertiGlobal.

It’s what makes us tick

It’s a cliché to say it, but we can’t deny it: agriculture faces many challenges. For an industry that exists in some shape or form in every country of the world, it’s not surprising that some of those challenges will be specific to regions or individual nations. That said, the industry can’t shy away from the challenges that present at a global level.

And it’s these that motivate everyone at FertiGlobal. It would be arrogant to consider that we could solve them alone, but we’re determined to play our part: everybody at FertiGlobal is committed to the development of new technologies that can be applied in pursuit of those challenges.

Our advanced biostimulant and crop nutrition solutions are the result of in-depth studies carried out by an international team of scientists employed by FertiGlobal. We’ve invested huge sums in building and equipping a modern crop research centre here in Tuscany, with well-resourced laboratories developing proven crop solutions that can be produced at scale, at quality, in our dedicated production plants.

At every step of the way, development to distribution, our dedication to quality control plays out for the constant reassurance of our customers.

Inspiration drives innovation

At FertiGlobal, we think – and then we do. The inspiration gives rise to the innovation. In practical terms, that means creating an environment that can empower our teams to continue the flow of new ideas and fresh solutions that keeps FertiGlobal’s customers productive and competitive. Yes, we need innovative methods of combining plant nutrients and biostimulants, but they must be compatible with a sustainable, resource-use efficient form of agriculture.

Our innovations are especially focused on crop enhancement: nutritional and bioactivating approaches that improve plants’ physiological functions and strengthen their innate defence and immune systems to counter stress, whether biotic or abiotic.

Ability AND sustainability

Our ability to continue freely producing food – or feed, fibre and fuel – needn’t be compromised by the pursuit of sustainable farming.

But in a world where the impact of climate change is becoming more and more tangible, and the fragility and dysfunction of our food systems becomes more apparent, there’s never been a better time to rethink agriculture: let’s reimagine it by reducing its environmental impact, downsizing our water footprint, and slashing our greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s our vision. How we get there is why we exist: new bioactivating and crop nutrition solutions that can improve crop resilience and raise yields and productivity.

In the final part of our Four Pillars blog, we’ll turn to Understanding. Intrigued? You’ll have to wait.


April 14, 2022
News from the company

Development of innovative technologies by R&D

At Larderello hub, our young chemists, agronomists and biotechnologists work hard on the development of innovative technologies and crop management programs to meet today and tomorrow’s needs of agriculture.

Our R&D team is focused on two different areas, both fundamental to consolidate our leadership and push into the future sustainable agriculture: the constantly improve of the existing technologies

And the development of long-term innovations.

Thanks to the multinational nature of our company, our researchers have the possibility to meet professionals across the world, to deepen their knowledge and challenging conventional agricultural practices.

January 5, 2022

All begins from chemistry

Chemistry: this is where it all begins.

Here’s a picture from FertiGlobal’s R&D lab in Tuscany (Italy). Here our passionate team of scientists is always at work to develop and constantly improve our advanced bioactivating technologies for sustainable agriculture.

On these shelves are some of the key formulations developed by our researchers. In the lab we design and produce different biostimulant prototypes, savvy mixing and matching ingredients. Then, in our special growth chamber and greenhouse we test our solutions on crops so that we can analyze and adjust them until they are ready for large scale production.

This is how we constantly innovate our product line up with the aim of making global agriculture more sustainable every day.


July 20, 2021
R&D updates

Advanced Technologies created in Larderello’s hub

👩‍🔬 Want to find out where Fertiglobal’s breakthrough crop nutrition technologies are developed?

Our next generation fertilizers are the result of advanced Research & Development carried out in FertGlobal’s innovative tech hub in Larderello, Italy.

Labs are equipped with advanced technology for the most accurate product development. Here our R&D team designs, fine-tunes and validates our product prototypes.

The testing phase of our bioactivating solutions is definitely a crucial part of the process.

It takes place in our special greenhouse, our hub’s true beating heart.

This is where our team of scientists conducts all the trials on different types of crops and meticulously collects results to constantly improve our technologies.

🌱Follow us on a virtual journey to the greenhouse through this photo-gallery!

#ENVisionProject #LIFEprogramme

November 10, 2020
FertiGlobal’s R&D team at work

EnNuVi’s tests in Larderello lab

👨‍🔬 At FertiGlobal’s hub in Larderello (Italy), our R&D team works every day on the development and constant improvement of advanced solutions for a more sustainable agriculture. This how our worldwide patented biostimulant technology EnNuVi has been created!
In this picture you can see one of the many tests our R&D is conducting on EnNuVi. It is focused on soil salinity, one of the most common stress factors affecting plants worldwide.
The aim of the trial is to test EnNuVi’s ability to improve the tolerance of young corn seedlings to excessive salinity levels.
Results are proving us right: plants are growing healthy in spite of the unfavorable soil conditions.
Stay tuned for more updates!
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