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August 18, 2022
News from China

Good results on Tomato with EnNuVi Technology

🍅 Tomato is undoubtedly one of the most popular fruits in the world, both for fresh consumption and in processed products.

This crop is rather delicate and requires well-hydrated soils and a fairly dry climate: too much humidity can cause rot and stress throughout the plant, making it vulnerable to developing other diseases.

Through this short video below we fly to China, to hear from a local farmer the effect he could observe after applying  Mantus on his crops, in order to nourish tomato plants from within. This innovative solution, powered by #EnNuVi Technology, takes full advantage of the combined action of plant nutrients and bioactive polyphenols.

Satisfying results were not slow in coming, both in plants grown in direct sunlight and in greenhouse. The farmer hightlights:

🌱 Excellent growth

🌱 Lower incidence of diseases

🌱 Stiff and strong stems

🌱 Healthy and well-stretched leaves

July 14, 2022
News from Germany

Satisfaction by using Mantus on red beet

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a flourishing red beet field?

Come with us to discover how it looks like!

We will get to know Gerhard, a passionate beet farmer, and his experience with Mantus, our patented suspension fertilizer powered by EnNuVi Technology.

Thanks to their rich concentration of minerals and vitamins, these colourful vegetables have remineralising and restorative properties. Not all red beets are the same: their nutrient content also depends on the growing conditions. As Gerhard explains, the application of Mantus has led to results that are also visible: the large, strong leaves and the healty tuber are a clear sign of a well nurtured plant.

This breakthrough solution is based on the complexation of bioactive polyphenols with plant nutrients: by activating and inducing the plants’ natural defences, Mantus supports the action of fungicides, increasing their effectiveness in controlling pathogens.

May 3, 2022
News from Brazil

EnNuVi event by a Brazilian partner

They may look simple packaging, but for us they are much more than that.

Every bottle of our technology is a concentrate of research, knowledge and passion.
The same passion we put into every stage of our work, from research, to testing, to sales.

The confidence in our products drives us to spread awareness of these planet-friendly solutions.
These pictures show our booth during an event organized with one of our partners in the North East of Brazil, our local staff members are promoting Mantus, explaining farmers all the benefits it can bring to crops.

Like all the other formulations powered by #EnNuVi, Mantus is based on the complexation of plant-derived bioactive polyphenolic extracts with one or multiple essential nutrients.

A new generation of fertilizers developed to ensure healthy plant growth and tolerance, thus improving yield quality and quantity.

March 24, 2022
News from Brazil

EnNuVi to support the lack of water

If we want to actively change the impact of agriculture on the environment, we must consider the peculiar features of every territory and the difficulties that local growers might face.

Here we are in Brazil, in a pea cultivation that has suffered from a lack of water. In such cases it is essential to take action as soon as possible with technologies that are both environmentally friendly and highly effective. This also means helping farmers by saving costs throughout the life cycle of the plants.

As you can observe, the pods had their development compromised due to water deficit, but thanks to the application of #Mantus, FertiGlobal cutting-edge patented formulation powered by #EnNuViTechnology, you can see a significant improvement in root structure and seedling health.

Check out the pictures below to see the difference compared with the control plants!

August 19, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Mantus by EnNuVi Technology

Take a closer look 👀

Here’s Mantus, our cutting-edge patented formulation powered by EnNuVi Technology.

🇪🇺 EnNuVi is the beating heart of Fertiglobal’s ENVisionProject, awarded by the European Union’s LIFEprogramme. An ambitious project aimed at changing the impact of agriculture on the environment while supporting the growing demand for food.

How can this be achieved?

🔬 thanks to the savvy combination of bioactive polyphenols and selected natural ingredients, EnNuVi is able to trigger and control plant defense systems and their resistance;

🌎  EnNuVi ensures healthy plant growth by decreasing pesticides and water consumption;

📈 EnNuVi ensures better yields, both in terms of quality and quantity, while guaranteeing significant cost savings to farmers throughout the whole lifecycle of plants.

August 3, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Unique formulations, unique Technologies

Unique formulations need to be protected. 🛡️

FertiGlobal’s Mantus by EnNuVi technology is now sold in Vietnam with QR code and warranty seal.

Ensuring a certified traceability to all our crop nutrition technologies has always been one of our top priorities. This is how we guarantee the authenticity and utmost purity of our formulations protecting growers – and their plants, of course 🌿 – from potential fake products.

In the picture taken by one of our Vietnamese partners you can have a look at some of our products sold in the Country in their brand-new packaging!


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