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January 26, 2023
four pillars of FertiGlobal

The FertiGlobal difference – part 2

In the second instalment of our series looking at ‘what makes FertiGlobal different’, we turn to the next of the ‘four pillars of FertiGlobal’ – how we keep our distributors informed and our growers satisfied, through good marketing practice of our innovative agricultural and crop management solutions.

It’s not enough merely to manufacture a product, albeit one with exemplary technical credibility and valuable trials evidence. It also needs to be understood – to have a place, to be supported with knowledge, to be given a role. Bringing all these factors together is FertiGlobal’s application of marketing, and how we use it to engage with those in our value chain: our own technical team, our distributors and in-country representatives, and our farmers around the world.

It’s all about quality

At FertiGlobal, we’ve never shied away from highlighting the importance of product quality. We manufacture all our products – the high quality biostimulants and crop nutrition solutions – at our headquarters in Italy, observing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and following strict quality control protocols.

Our products focus on protection

Whether that’s protection of soil, seed, plant, yield or farmer, this is a crucial aspect common to every FertiGlobal product. From protecting the soil before sowing or transplanting, and after harvesting; to protecting the seed, and then the plant, in every growth stage, to shield it against abiotic and biotic stresses; and to protecting the farmer’s investment in the soil, in fertiliser, in seeds, in crop – our products offer protection from beginning to end of a crop’s lifecycle and throughout our customers’ farming businesses.

Total Crop Management…

Our approach is holistic. It’s what helps make FertiGlobal different, and what distinguishes us from others in the global agricultural, crop protection and crop nutrition market. Too many players focus their time on developing specific solutions for specific problems. It’s an approach that demands time, input, effort and cost for the farmer. Moving away from this ‘silo’ approach was our objective in developing our ‘crop management’ approach. This takes into account the entire lifecycle of plants, crops and crop stages – and the essential underlying requirement that optimising a crop’s yield potential is totally dependent on optimum plant health. FertiGlobal’s innovative, breakthrough technologies deploy the best, high quality, bioavailable compounds to stimulate the natural defence processes of the plant. By prioritising plant health, we can often avoid many of the situations that allow specific problems to develop, and thus remove the need for individual, specific solutions.

…thanks to top technology

Our breakthrough technologies are about more than just enabling holistic plant health. They also allow better environmental health, improving farm biodiversity by allowing farmers to progressively reduce their use of agrochemicals such as fungicides. It’s our research-led philosophy that allows us to generate and develop research-led technologies that can bring about a more sustainable, more profitable, approach to agriculture.

And it’s that application of Technology that we’ll look at in more detail in part three of our blog examining the pillars of FertiGlobal.

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