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Semia and Ok on Banana India
August 25, 2022
News from India

Semia and OK give satisfaction in growing banana

🍌 Are you ready for a potassium boost?

We are in the South of India, in the Country’s second largest banana market located in Tamil Nadu. Our local team has been following a field trial to test Semia formulation, powered by #EnNuVi technology and OK solution, powered by Foliarel.

These banana plants tell us a lot about the benefits of this powerful combination of active ingredients:

🌿 broad and greener leaves

💪 overall better plant health

📈 excellent growth

The farmers appreciated a significant decrease of infection of Sigatoka (banana leaf-spot disease) and a better resistance against abiotic stresses.

Agriculture of the future ➡️ here we come!

Semia and Ok on Banana India
Banana plant treated with Semia and Ok
Semia and Ok on Banana India
EnNuVi Semia and Foliarel Ok gave satisfaction in growing banana in India
Semia and Ok on Banana India
EnNuVi Semia and Foliarel Ok gave satisfaction in growing banana in India
July 22, 2021
News from Morocco

Citrus treated with Foliarel and Foliflo Technologies

🍊 Have a look at this vitamin-rich video shot in Morocco!

You will hear an interview to our partner Mr. Idriss about his experience with FertiGlobal’s Foliflo Greening and Foliarel QS technologies on citrus fruits and avocado fields near Kenitra.

Our partner was looking for an eco-friendly innovative solution to grow his beloved plants in the healthiest way.

This is why he has chosen FertiGlobal’s new generation fertilizing solutions, based on the complexation of bioactive polyphenols with plant nutrients.

The result has been mind-blowing since the first treatment:

👉 leaf deficiency has been overcome

👉 plant vigor has visibly strengthened

🌳 As you will hear, Mr. Idriss has found products easy to use and is very satisfied with their effectiveness!

November 18, 2020
FertiGlobal’s Technology

Foliarel Technology based on Boron

🟡 Boron is absolutely essential for the growth of plants!
This micronutrient is the element that most influences yield productivity.
Watch how Foliarel Technology can support the crop management.

🍂 When a plant is affected by Boron deficiency, the growth stops, flowering and fruiting are reduced, leaves are frail and yellowed.
↪️ This is where FertiGlobal’s ‘Foliarel QS’ technology comes in!
This water-soluble fertilizer is specifically used to treat Boron deficiencies.
The lack of this micronutrient is common both in sandy or clay soils and in highly humid grounds. Our Foliarel QS provides the correct amount of Boron to the soil, recreating the ideal conditions to support a healthy plant growth.
🌱🍇 This advanced fertilizer is particularly efficient with sugarbeets, cotton crops, olives, soybean and grapevine.
You can learn more on Foliarel and on many other technologies by FertiGlobal on our web site.
November 3, 2020
The voice from the field

Pakistan experience with Foliarel Technology

📣 Giving voice to FertiGlobal distributors from all over the world.
“I started my collaboration with FertiGlobal a decade ago when we launched FOLIAREL technology in Pakistan. Since then, the results achieved have always been excellent!
Thanks to extensive on-field research & development, FertiGlobal develops high quality, eco-friendly products that really make the difference in farming crops!
A whole new approach to agriculture aimed at improving profits making minimal use of standard protection methods – like pesticides and fungicides.
I can’t wait to extend our FertiGlobal product line-up and to make more and more Pakistani farmers happy, thanks to these advanced solutions!”
Zeeshan Zulfiqar
FertiGlobal Distributor
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