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July 20, 2023
CNCIC China’s conference

EnNuVi highlights role of speciality fertilisers in China

As the world’s largest consumer of agricultural fertiliser, ahead of India, the USA and Brazil, China is an important market for any company that’s concerned with changing farmers’ perceptions about fertiliser use and efficiency.

What better opportunity for FertiGlobal – under its ‘local’ name of SCL China – to sponsor one of China’s most high-profile conferences about fertiliser? Run by the China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC), a consulting, research and information unit servicing the chemical industry of China, the Global Specialty Fertiliser Convention has been an annual fixture for the last 16 years.

With objectives to promote and advance fertiliser industry development, and a special focus on innovation and speciality products, the event was held this year in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province and the third most populous city in Western China.

There are more than 20,000 speciality fertiliser products registered in China, demonstrative of the importance attached to value-added fertilisers as China strives to improve its agricultural efficiency and productivity. CNCIC itself expects speciality fertiliser to account for more than a quarter of total sales in China by 2025.

FertiGlobal mirrored the convention’s focus on speciality products by focusing on EnNuVi, our unique approach to crop health and productivity.

EnNuVi stands for ENhancing, NUrturing, and VItalising crops – an approach we’ve adopted to enhance crop resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses at scale, in order to boost crop quality, productivity and soil health.

Combining bioactive polyphenols with select natural ingredients, EnNuVi has been developed to trigger and control plant natural defence and resistance mechanisms. Boosted thus, the crop is better able to defend and protect itself from stressors such as pathogens, droughts, high temperatures and floods.

But there’s two sides to the EnNuVi story. Not only does it deploy an optimal nutrition strategy, focusing on the entire plant lifecycle – our innovative Total Crop Management approach – it also benefits from an optimised formulation that enables a more efficient product delivery to the plant. Farmers not only save money and reduce environmental impact with this resource-efficient approach, EnNuVi also helps farmers adapt to farming with less recourse to conventional chemicals.

EnNuVi’s benefits have shown themselves in trials, where treated crops demonstrate a significant yield increase per hectare, for example in the raised sugar content of sugar beet.

China, alongside the European Union and United States, has already granted EnNuVi a patent for its technology – something that Sun Jin, CEO of SCL China, was keen to emphasise during his attendance at the event. Customers from across the country expressed their interest in the EnNuVi product range, ably informed by representative Zhenjunhua Liu who explained the sustainable development of the products and their potential applications across a variety of common crops in China.

Read on for more information about the EnNuVi range: https://www.fertiglobal.com/technologies/#ennuvi

May 3, 2022
News from Brazil

EnNuVi event by a Brazilian partner

They may look simple packaging, but for us they are much more than that.

Every bottle of our technology is a concentrate of research, knowledge and passion.
The same passion we put into every stage of our work, from research, to testing, to sales.

The confidence in our products drives us to spread awareness of these planet-friendly solutions.
These pictures show our booth during an event organized with one of our partners in the North East of Brazil, our local staff members are promoting Mantus, explaining farmers all the benefits it can bring to crops.

Like all the other formulations powered by #EnNuVi, Mantus is based on the complexation of plant-derived bioactive polyphenolic extracts with one or multiple essential nutrients.

A new generation of fertilizers developed to ensure healthy plant growth and tolerance, thus improving yield quality and quantity.

March 10, 2022
Info from the field

EnNuVi at TecnoAgro in Brazil

The importance of spreading good agricultural practices and innovations is at the heart of our mission towards a better agricultural system.

Meeting growers and listening to their needs is essential to support local farmers while taking care of our beloved planet 🌍

That’s why we couldn’t miss the 24th edition of #TecnoAgro, the biggest event dedicated to innovation and technology in agriculture taking place in Mato Grosso do Sul, in Brazil.

Came and visit us if you are around, we will be happy to introduce you to our cutting edge bioactivating #EnNuVi technologies and answer to all your questions!

December 20, 2021
Life ENVision

Follow up from LIFE Green Grapes conference

👩‍🔬 Our talented R&D Manager @Valentina took the stage in Florence during “Life Green Grapes” conference, to present FertiGlobal’s #ENVision project.

The event, hosted by CREA, has been the perfect opportunity to share the amazing results of the bioactivating technology EnNuVi, highlighted by our experts during the last two years of field trails on grapevines 🍇

It’s been a pleasure to share our experience with other colleagues highly committed in making global agriculture more sustainable.

Have a look at the link in the first comment to discover more about our ENVision project, supported and awarded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme. 👇🏼

November 18, 2021
Online Event

Save the date – LIFE ENVision online event

|| Online event – 16.12.2021, h 11.00|| 🌿 How can we make global agriculture more environmentally sustainable?

tA round table in the Netherlands to speak about the most innovative agricultural practices to grow healthy crops while protecting the planet.

The event is part of FertiGlobal’s ENVision project, awarded by the European Union’s LIFEprogramme.

Free registrations at this link: https://nieuwe-oogst.webinargeek.com/fertiglobal-presents-ennuvi-technology

June 3, 2021
Save the dates!

IFA Smart&Green Conference and Congreso Biostimulantes LATAM sponsored by FertiGlobal

Save the date! We are happy to announce that FertiGlobal will be among the main sponsors of two upcoming important events for the Agribusiness sector:
🌱 8-10 June – IFA Smart & Green Virtual Conference 2021
A new platform for fertilizer industry leaders to discuss the latest breakthrough in sustainable plant nutrition.
🌱9-11 June – Congreso Bioestimulantes LATAM 2021
One of the main events on biostimulants in South America. The whole congress will be instantaneously translated into English.
These appointments will be a great chance to learn more about the main scientific and technological innovations of the sector and we are very proud to give our support!
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