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September 23, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

LIFE ENVision – the European project

🌳 Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize.

Three inspiring words representing the core objectives of FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject, awarded and funded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme.

This ambitious project is based on our innovative bioactivating technology EnNuVi and is aimed at mitigating the environmental footprint of agriculture while supporting higher yield productivity. Our greatest mission, in fact, is to help farmers worldwide growing stronger plants using less pesticides and reducing water consumption.

Let’s embrace the challenge and chose more sustainable agricultural practices! It can really make the difference.

🎥 Have a look at the video to learn more on the project!


May 17, 2021
Under LIFE ENVision Projects some field trials results form the Netherlands

Better tulips and Narcissus with EnNuVi Technology

🌷When you think of the Netherlands, beautiful tulip fields are definitely one of the first things that come to your mind.
Today we are taking you there!
We are currently carrying out an important field trial on Tulips and Narcissus aimed at proving the efficacy of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi on these flowers.
In July, at the end of the test, we will compare the results achieved by our EnNuVi with traditional crop protection treatments.
💪 For now, we can proudly say flowers treated with EnNuVi have grown profusely with no need of fungicides and pesticides: have a look at the pictures taken by FertiGlobal’s local team!
This trial is part of FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject funded by the 🇪🇺 European Union’s #LIFEprogramme.
You can learn more on this ambitious project on the official website: click here.
May 11, 2021
LIFE ENVision Project to support FertiGlobal’s innovative technology

ENhance, NUrture, VItalize: that’s EnNuVi

🟢 🔵 Enhancing the nutraceutical value of fruit and vegetables is among the main goals of FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject.
This means improving their overall beneficial effects for people’s health. For instance, increasing the amount of vitamins and their antioxidant action.
Our R&D team has recently analyzed the results of a trial conducted on tomato plants in Spain together with our partner Agricola2000. The aim of the test was to prove the ability of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi to improve the nutraceutical value of crops.
The trial has been a success!
🍅 Plants have grown healthy with 25/30% less water
🍅 Final yield was the same as plants treated with standard methods
🍅The nutraceutical value of tomatoes has significantly improved
Here’s our team with the ripe tomatoes received from Spain. 📷
➡️ Stay tuned for more updates on our #ENVisionProject awarded by the EU LIFE’s Programme.
April 27, 2021
Activities are going on to test the efficacy of EnNuVi Technology

The second year of the LIFE ENVision Project has started

The second year of our LIFE #ENVisionProject has officially started! 🎉
Here we are in the special greenhouse of our hub in Larderello (Italy), where a new trial is taking place. Our R&D team is testing the ability of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi to protect crops against water stress.
💧 These young tomato plants will receive 50% less water along their lifecycle.
At the end of the test, we will measure yields both in terms of quantity and quality, based on the presence of polyphenols in the fruits.
Have a look at our team transplanting the little tomato plants 🍅
We can’t wait to share the first results with you, stay tuned!
Look at that video about tomato transplant.
March 5, 2021
FertiGlobal LIFE ENVisiion digital event

Valentina Ciccolini’s speech

🟢 “Research and innovation for sustainable agriculture – opportunities and threats”
FertiGlobal’s recent digital event has been the perfect chance to present our #ENVisionProject to Italian Agribusiness professionals and other important players of the sector.
During the meeting our R&D Manager @ Valentina has introduced our ambitious project awarded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme and aimed at making global agriculture more sustainable. 🌍
Here’s her speech with English subtitles. 📹
➡️ You can also watch the whole event here

Hope you enjoy it!
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