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December 5, 2022
World Soil Day

Soil, where food begins

Did you know that 95% of our food comes from soils? And that it takes up to 400 years to create one centimetre of soil, but at current rates of soil erosion we’re losing a millimetre every year?

Healthy soils – with their rich blend of organisms, minerals and organic components – make for healthy food. Yet until relatively recently, we’ve treated soils as no more than a substrate for our crops: somewhere to anchor their roots.

It’s been a short-sighted approach. Worldwide, more than one-third of our soils are degraded; after years of being managed unsustainably, they’re losing fertility and yielding nutrient-deficient crops. Over the last 70 years, says the FAO, there’s been a significant reduction in the levels of vitamins and minerals measurable in food. Consequently, FAO estimates that 2 billion people now suffer from a lack of micronutrients, because their soil lacks appropriate micronutrients too.

FAO’s World Soil Day – marked every year on December 5 – seeks to raise awareness of soils: why it’s important to keep them healthy and what we can do to improve them.

The FAO estimates that if we were to manage soils more sustainably, global production of food could rise 58%. That’s an interesting point to consider in the context of UN estimates that suggest a 60% increase in agricultural production is needed to meet the global food demand in 2050.

For World Soil Day 2022, the campaign is “Soils: where food begins”. It focuses on the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing the growing challenges in soil management and maintenance of soil health.

It’s a campaign to which FertiGlobal is firmly committed. From the company’s inception, soil health has always been at the top of the pyramid. We’ve built a product portfolio, based on innovative grower tools such as EnNuVi – the LIFE-awarded biostimulant technology – that recognise the sanctity of the soil and allow farmers to start rebuilding soil health.

Our dedicated Crop Management Programmes, deploying FertiGlobal products, allow farmers to manage their crops in a more environmentally friendly fashion, reducing usage of the pesticides and other products that can so comprehensively deplete soil biodiversity.

Soil is a precious resource. It does a lot for us. Let’s give it the attention it deserves, and the care it needs. Let’s be responsible about how we use it and what we ask of it.

November 29, 2022
LIFE ENVision project

LIFE in agriculture with FertiGlobal

We know we’re not the only company in agriculture grappling with the challenges of 21st century food production, but we’re confident that our breakthrough technologies provide farmers with some of the best ways to tackle those issues: climate change, soil health and meeting the demand for more food.

And we’re not alone in thinking this: the European Union has selected FertiGlobal and its crop nutrition portfolio as a beneficiary of its LIFE funding programme. Created in 1992, LIFE is the EU’s initiative to support projects and technologies that benefit the environment and address climate issues.

Why fund FertiGlobal?

It’s our approach to agriculture that marks us out. Specifically, how we defined that approach. Early on, we decided that our research should focus on valid alternatives to the traditional use of pesticides.

Our starting position was the evidence that intensive crop nutrition gives crops the best protection against all kinds of harm: pests, diseases, abiotic stress. To that, we added our new Crop Management Vision: that crop management needs a long-term view and a holistic methodology.

The introduction of EnNuVi

Our worldwide patented biostimulant technology was recognised by the LIFE programme for its ability to trigger and control plants’ defence and resistance systems. An acronym of Enhance, Nurture, Vitalize, EnNuVi solutions work by providing all the nutrients the plant needs to grow, leaving it healthy, strong and capable of realising its yield potential. The combination of active polyphenols with selected natural ingredients that’s characteristic of all EnNuVi crop nutrition products can significantly reduce both pesticide use and water consumption.

What makes EnNuVi special?

The traditional model of crop nutrition revolves around the roots: that it’s the roots that matter. We don’t dispute that; we just say that a crop cannot live by root nutrition alone. Appropriate foliar nutrition is also essential if farmers are to ensure robust crop growth and high-level, high-quality yields. What’s more, by delivering effective foliar fertilisation in conjunction with an appropriate soil-based fertiliser programme, farmers can pursue our new Crop Management Vision with confidence.

Our vision? Sustainable agriculture

Reducing farming’s impact on the environment is a central tenet of FertiGlobal’s philosophy; that, and opening opportunities for farmers to deliver productive, high-yielding, high-quality outputs, whether that’s cereals, root crops, vegetables or fruit. Our advanced technologies, coupled with our dedicated technical services, help farmers pursue the Crop Management Vision while reducing pesticide volumes and their input costs.

It’s for this reason – our relentless focus on the environment, and a sustainable form of agriculture – that has seen our long-term vision rewarded by the EU. Our approach chimes with the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy and its long-term ambition to slash pesticide use by 50% by 2030.

We’re proud of our LIFE recognition, not just because it confirms and vindicates our position on sustainable agriculture, but because it means we can bring that same LIFE philosophy to farmers and growers around the world.


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