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alpan fight against drought stress
August 23, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan to reduce the use of water

Cutting-edge technology can be very helpful to farmers who are experiencing water shortages in their fields, helping to prolong plant life and prevent cell deterioration.

➡️ FertiGlobal #Alpan is a patented high analysis suspension fertilizer rich in Magnesium complexed by bioactive polyphenols. Its application makes it possible to reduce water consumption and reduce drought stresses in emergency situations.

Alpan is powered by EnNuVi Technology, the beating heart of Fertiglobal’s #ENVisionProject, awarded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme. Among the goals of the projects is to drastically reduce water consumption in agriculture by up to 30% 💧

alpan fight against drought stress
Alpan powered by EnNuVi Technology helps for a less use in water and to strenghten plants against drought stress
Drought stress FertiGlobal
August 11, 2022
General news

Drought stress more often present in the daily agriculture practice

Drought stress FertiGlobal
FertiGlobal helps to avoid drought stress

🌾 The current alarming drought levels are seriously endangering the work of many farmers, often forcing them to harvest earlier than they should.

💧When experiencing lack of water, the plant activates emergency procedures to conserve fluids.

This causes abiotic stress to the cells – a stress that has a non-pathogenic origin, but is internal to the plant itself.

If the situation is prolonged, the plant’s metabolism will be altered, limiting vital functions and consequently the growth. When the threshold limit is exceeded, the damage becomes irreparable, even if water is replenished.

Technology can help a lot to prolong the life of the plant as much as possible: a wise combination of essential elements can boost the strength of cells, increasing natural defenses while also promoting more positive reactions against drought stresses.

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