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October 7, 2021
News from Chile

EnNuVi on avocado in Chile

Live from a dreamy landscape in Chile!

🥑 These bright green avocado trees have been treated with EnNuVi, FertiGlobal’s worldwide patented bioactivating technology.

💧 As you know, avocado farming is a water-intensive activity. Plants need great amounts of water to grow tasty, premium quality fruits. This where our EnNuVi comes in!

This innovative technology has been specifically designed to reduce water consumption in agriculture. Thanks to EnNuVi, plants need up to 30% less water compared to standard agricultural practices.

That’s the best way to grow strong healthy plants respecting the Planet. 🌍


August 12, 2021
News from Chile

Small fruits – a specialization in Chilean regions

Chile is one of the largest fruit producers of the Southern hemisphere.

The ocean 🏝 has a positive effect throughout the territory while Andes ⛰ provide a precious water supply, that is fundamental to cope with droughts in the summer season.

Chile has recently specialized in the cultivation of small fruits like strawberries and FertiGlobal’s local team knows how to support farmers growing them in best way!

Here are some pictures taken in a strawberry field by one of our partners. The effects of our EnNuVi technology are already visible on these plants: look at the super green leaves and the strong stems!

Healthy and bright red strawberries coming soon!🔜 🍓

July 8, 2021
From Azapa Valley

Our Technologies have landed in Chile

Welcome to Azapa Valley in Chile!

This land is a fascinating fertile oasis in the Atacama Desert, in northern Chile.

🌱 People here can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables thanks to the unique climate of the valley and the recent introduction of new cultivation technologies and farming methods.

Here one of our partners in the region is testing FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technologies Foliflo, EnNuVi and Folimac, on a wide variety of vegetables.

Look at this nice video made by our Argentine colleague! 🎥

Results are great: plants are growing strong and super green with a rich number of healthy fruits!

June 28, 2021
Strawberries and other fruits

Webinar in Chile to show FertiGlobal’s results on fruits

✅ Another digital training session to save in your agenda, not to be missed!

👉 June 29 at 19.00 (CLT time)

🇨🇱 We are pleased to invite you to the next FertiGlobal webinar that will be hold directly from the beautiful Chilean land!

Our Technical Development LATAM @María Josefina Mackern Oberti will introduce the results of the latest research carried out in the orchards of Chanco, in the Maule region.

You can find all the details to register in the picture below👇

See you on Zoom or on Facebook!

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