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May 21, 2021
EnNuVi Technology on grapes in Brazil

How to harvest earlier than usual

Great news from Brazil! 🇧🇷
FertiGlobal’s local team has recently visited these beautiful vineyards to evaluate the effects of our bioactivating technology EnNuVi on table grapes. Results were even more positive than expected.
🍇 🍇 Grapes treated with EnNuVi have been harvested 1 week before compared to the plots who received the standard treatment!
Our bioactivating technology EnNuVi has given an extra boost of energy to the plant speeding up the growth and colouring of the fruits.
💧The area is highly humid in this period, so an earlier harvest will also guarantee better quality grapes.
These super purple and rich grapes are now ready to hit the market. 👏
May 13, 2021
FertiGlobal’s Technology

Folimac Technology for a constant plant nutrition

The most crucial stages of plant growth require constant care and plenty of nutrients.
That’s when Folimac by FertiGlobal comes into action! This advanced technology combines nutrients with nitrogen, ensuring plants a long-lasting efficient nutrition during the most critical phases of their lifecycle.

As shown in this video, Folimac technology is a great ally for the healthy growth of the most diverse plants.
🔹Its action prevents the shortage of nutritive elements so ensuring a long-term nourishment
🔹It also protects the plant from external stress factors
🔹Also, this advanced technology has low chloride content and low risk of phytotoxicity, for an eco-friendly plant protective nutrition
You can learn more on FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition technologies for sustainable agriculture on our web site.
December 15, 2020
Personal solutions based on individual needs

Crop Management Program for everybody

👨‍🌾 🌼 These smiles speak for themselves!
These Vietnamese farmers have treated their crops with our biostimulant technology EnNuVi.
FertiGlobal’s local team together with our partner in the region have been by their side right from the beginning of the season until harvest time providing expert on-field support.
It’s so good to see the enthusiasm of growers when they see the great results achieved!
Custard apples, bell peppers, Chrysanthemum flowers: every crop has been carefully nurtured following a dedicated Crop Management Program across its entire lifecycle.
Want to find out more on our tailor-made programs? Fill in the form on our website and get to know more our solutions for the most diverse crops.
November 18, 2020
FertiGlobal’s Technology

Foliarel Technology based on Boron

🟡 Boron is absolutely essential for the growth of plants!
This micronutrient is the element that most influences yield productivity.
Watch how Foliarel Technology can support the crop management.

🍂 When a plant is affected by Boron deficiency, the growth stops, flowering and fruiting are reduced, leaves are frail and yellowed.
↪️ This is where FertiGlobal’s ‘Foliarel QS’ technology comes in!
This water-soluble fertilizer is specifically used to treat Boron deficiencies.
The lack of this micronutrient is common both in sandy or clay soils and in highly humid grounds. Our Foliarel QS provides the correct amount of Boron to the soil, recreating the ideal conditions to support a healthy plant growth.
🌱🍇 This advanced fertilizer is particularly efficient with sugarbeets, cotton crops, olives, soybean and grapevine.
You can learn more on Foliarel and on many other technologies by FertiGlobal on our web site.
November 12, 2020
FertiGlobal’s Crop Management Program

Soybean management program from the very beginning

✌️ They say “a good start is half the battle”, and we totally agree!
Here we are at a soybean field in the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso, where local farmers are sowing soybean seeds with their tractors. 🚜
They are going to apply FertiGlobal’s Crop Management Program specifically dedicated to soybean from the very beginning of the crop lifecycle.
👨‍🌾 Our local team is by their side to provide the most efficient on-field support right from the sowing phase. We can’t wait to see the results!
Don’t miss our updates!
November 3, 2020
The voice from the field

Pakistan experience with Foliarel Technology

📣 Giving voice to FertiGlobal distributors from all over the world.
“I started my collaboration with FertiGlobal a decade ago when we launched FOLIAREL technology in Pakistan. Since then, the results achieved have always been excellent!
Thanks to extensive on-field research & development, FertiGlobal develops high quality, eco-friendly products that really make the difference in farming crops!
A whole new approach to agriculture aimed at improving profits making minimal use of standard protection methods – like pesticides and fungicides.
I can’t wait to extend our FertiGlobal product line-up and to make more and more Pakistani farmers happy, thanks to these advanced solutions!”
Zeeshan Zulfiqar
FertiGlobal Distributor
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