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October 7, 2021
News from Chile

EnNuVi on avocado in Chile

Live from a dreamy landscape in Chile!

🥑 These bright green avocado trees have been treated with EnNuVi, FertiGlobal’s worldwide patented bioactivating technology.

💧 As you know, avocado farming is a water-intensive activity. Plants need great amounts of water to grow tasty, premium quality fruits. This where our EnNuVi comes in!

This innovative technology has been specifically designed to reduce water consumption in agriculture. Thanks to EnNuVi, plants need up to 30% less water compared to standard agricultural practices.

That’s the best way to grow strong healthy plants respecting the Planet. 🌍


March 16, 2021
South America has used FertiGlobal’s Technology

EnNuVi on avocados to improve the taste

These tiny flowers are soon going to be tasty avocados! 🌼 🥑
FertiGlobal’s team operating in South America has recently visited a beautiful avocado plantation together with one of our Mexican partners.
Avocado growers strive to keep up with the production pace required by the ever-growing demand for this fruit, so it is crucial to make plants strong enough to cope with diseases and climatic stress that could decrease the harvest.
✨This is where our bioactivating technology EnNuVi comes in! This visit has been the perfect occasion to show farmers how EnNuVi can significantly improve the quality and quantity of their avocado yield.
We can’t wait to show you the results at the end of the season!
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