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alpan fight against drought stress
August 23, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan to reduce the use of water

Cutting-edge technology can be very helpful to farmers who are experiencing water shortages in their fields, helping to prolong plant life and prevent cell deterioration.

➡️ FertiGlobal #Alpan is a patented high analysis suspension fertilizer rich in Magnesium complexed by bioactive polyphenols. Its application makes it possible to reduce water consumption and reduce drought stresses in emergency situations.

Alpan is powered by EnNuVi Technology, the beating heart of Fertiglobal’s #ENVisionProject, awarded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme. Among the goals of the projects is to drastically reduce water consumption in agriculture by up to 30% 💧

alpan fight against drought stress
Alpan powered by EnNuVi Technology helps for a less use in water and to strenghten plants against drought stress
May 13, 2022
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan excellent biostimulant properties

By deeply understanding plants physiology and pathology, we are able to formulate technological solutions able to support their growth from within, acting on metabolism.

Magnesium, the key component of Alpan, powered by #EnNuvi, is an essential element throughout the development period of the plant, fulfilling several functions:

➡️ it is a precious component of chlorophyll

➡️ it acts as a transport medium for phosphorus, being essential in the metabolism of phosphates

➡️ plants need it for cell division and protein formation and activation of several enzyme systems

➡️it is an essential component for plant respiration

This patented high analysis suspension fertilizer by FertiGlobal has proven to have exceptional biostimulant properties while providing high protection, even in case of drought stresses.

March 15, 2022
News from R&D

EnNuVi got a scientific certification

🔝 FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi Alpan has obtained a scientific certification in the official journal Plants!

EnNuVi technology is at the beating heart of our #ENVisionProject, awarded by the European Union’s #LIFEprogramme for its effectiveness in reducing the environmental impact of agriculture while promoting yield productivity.

The publication has highlighted the effectiveness of Alpan on tomato plants 🍅 that have been exposed to water deficit conditions.

Among the many positive actions, the technology was shown to mitigate the deteriorating effects of lack of water 💧 on the physiological status of the plants.

Congratulations to R&D team for this important achievement!

Visit the website at the link hiips://doi.org/10.3390/plants11050586 to read the full article.




August 26, 2021
EnNuVi Technology

Alpan gives great results on strawberries

🍓What does a strong, healthy strawberry plant look like?

Have a look at this video and listen to our interview to one of our partners in Italy. He has been testing FertiGlobal’s bioactivating technology EnNuVi on his strawberry plants for the entire season.

At harvest time, he couldn’t be more satisfied with the results:

🌱 Stems have grown tighter and more resistant
✨ Fruits are bright red and very good-looking

Watch the video to know why he’s certainly going to use EnNuVi again next season!

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