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Sebastian Vera CEO FertiGlobal
January 9, 2023
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2022: what a year!

“What a year it was!”

That’s the view of Sebastian Vera, CEO of the Larderello Group, the parent company of FertiGlobal, who says 2022 has been an ‘amazing journey’.

“2023 will be a further vindication that we’ve set the right course,” he stresses. “It’s testament to the quality of our offering – our belief in a more sustainable agriculture, our focus on protection not just of crops but also soil, health, profit, environment – that despite challenging market conditions, FertiGlobal demonstrated significant growth in sales revenue during 2022.

“We know how farmers are facing their own challenges, such as energy costs, availability and price of raw materials, market uncertainties, but I believe we’re in a position to help them adapt to this new situation.”

Sebastian says the success of FertiGlobal comes down to two main factors: understanding the customer’s needs and providing them with a unique offering of both innovative technologies and technical support.

“As a global company, operating in multiple markets and working with a diverse customer base, there’s no single route to success,” he stresses. “But our sales team, wherever in the world they’re based, has worked hard to embrace their markets and align themselves with their customers.

“So whether we’re in Italy or India, Brazil or the Philippines, we’ve a strong local presence that can adapt to local conditions. With that flexibility to service the day-to-day business – the provision of technical and commercial support to customers – comes creativity in developing our long-term strategy.”

Sebastian also highlights the importance of FertiGlobal’s R&D and technical development divisions. “They play a vital role in developing our long-term strategy, while offering valuable support to the sales teams.

“The feedback received from around the world is instrumental in opening up opportunities to grow the business in our key technologies EnNuVi, Foliflo and Folistim,” says Sebastian.

“We believe these technologies, and those in our development pipeline, lie at the core of our strategy for sustainable growth.

“They’re also essential if we’re to continue to position ourselves as a global source of innovation for sustainable agriculture.

“That’s why the outlook for 2023 is so exciting,” Sebastian concludes.

FertiGlobal at Potato Europe 2022
August 31, 2022

FertiGlobal at Potato Europe 2022

Big event coming up, not to be missed!

We are pleased to invite you to Potato Europe 2022 on September 7 and 8, save the date!

The fair will take place in Rittergut Brockerode, Germany and will be a unique opportunity to meet the most important players of the agribusiness sector.

The two full days will be entirely dedicated to potatoes: a great chance to keep up to date with all the latest innovation related to their cultivation, the supply chain and their enormous potential in feeding the world’s growing population.

Fertiglobal team will present a special crop management plan focused on the peculiarities of the tuber, spreading the most innovative and eco-friendly nutrition technologies that are helping farmers worldwide growing stronger and healthier plants.

Come and visit us at the stand ZB28 if you are passing by!

Click here to learn more on the Symposium and subscribe to the event





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