New crop management approach
for sustainable agriculture

New crop management approach for sustainable agriculture

FertiGlobal’s crop nutrition and protection solutions

With the aim of addressing the challenges of modern sustainable agriculture, FertiGlobal’s innovative bio-activating solutions are designed to improve agricultural yields and quality at the same time.
Designing a sustainable future for our planet requires a long-term agricultural vision embracing the whole life cycle of plants, from seed germination to maturity.

Developing special fertilizers for better plant resilience

From seed germination to maturity: our special fertilizers support the entire lifespan of plants providing all nutrients they need to grow healthier and stronger.
Efficient crop nutrition combined with advanced technical services ensure reinforced plants and enhanced resilience against all kinds of pathogens and climate change issues.

Building the future through sustainable agriculture

FertiGlobal’s new crop management approach ensures positive impact on the environment, it aims at creating a sustainable agriculture.
Years of intensive pesticide use in agriculture have caused irreparable damage to our planet and human health, polluting land, water and air. Furthermore, fungicides and bactericides are no longer producing the expected results, even making crops less tolerant to adversities and climate changes.
FertiGlobal’s bio-activating solutions allow farmers all over the world to progressively reduce the use of chemicals embracing a long-term vision for the future of the Earth.

Advanced biostimulant technologies, made in Italy

In Larderello (Italy), 200 years of history of our Group live together with leading-edge innovation to build the agriculture of the future!

FertiGlobal’s advanced bio-activating technologies are based on cutting-edge research and development carried out in our new hub, where a multidisciplinary team of scientists and agronomists are committed every day to innovation.

Advanced bio-activating technologies, made in Italy

Powered by EnNuVi Technology

FertiGlobal EnNuVi: innovative bio-activating technology

Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize crops to increase yield and ensure healthy plant growth: this is the challenge behind EnNuVi, the breakthrough biostimulant technology developed by FertiGlobal.
FertiGlobal EnNuVi is at the same time a natural fertilizer, a bioactivator and a feeding source for the crops.
It is able to enhance plant growth from seed germination to plant maturity, increase its resistance to abiotic stress conditions and enlarge its life cycle.


EnVision – Building a sustainable future for global agriculture

The European Union (EU), the international political and economic organization gathering 28 European countries, has awarded Fertiglobal’s ENVision project within its LIFE Funding Program. The EU LIFE initiative is aimed at supporting the most promising actions addressing environment and climate issues.

ENVision project logo/LIFE Programme EU
ENVision project logo/LIFE Programme EU

Sowing for the future
Sowing for the future


New Acquisition

Larderello Group
acquires Agrigento

Agrigento Fertilizantes logo
Agrigento Fertilizantes logo


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